July 24, 2012 09:00 ET

SnappyTV's Award-Winning Video Editing and Social Media Publishing Tools Now Available to Anyone via New Self-Service Solutions

SnappyTV Extends Access, Affordability of Cloud-Based Real-Time Video Editing Technologies Already Leveraged by Major TV Networks, Cable Channels and Sports Leagues Worldwide

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 24, 2012) -  SnappyTV, the leading live cloud and social video publishing and distribution platform, today announced that its award-winning live video editing and social media publishing tools are available immediately to anyone through three new self-service options -- delivering enterprise-grade video tools at a breakthrough price. Already used by major TV networks, cable channels and sports leagues worldwide, SnappyTV's professional real-time video editing technologies can now be easily and affordably implemented by individuals and organizations of all sizes, enabling them to quickly generate live video content on social media networks through mobile devices and the web.

"With our new self-service solutions, any-sized organization or individuals can unlock the power of their video content and make it quickly accessible to their target audiences on the web, creating new advertising and engagement opportunities in today's social world," said Mike Folgner, CEO of SnappyTV. "Whether you want to Tweet your conference highlights or post live clips from a High School football game to Facebook, we want to take the value delivered by our professional-grade tools and extend it to anyone who has a need to edit and publish video content."

Self-Service Video Clipping and Sharing Tools Available On-Demand from the Cloud
SnappyTV's self-service suite is an ideal solution for smaller and mid-sized organizations looking to leverage video content online to drive awareness about live streaming events, programs or services. Conference organizers, local TV stations, government agencies or individuals celebrating a special occasion can now instantly and easily highlight video and distribute it live via social networks.

SnappyTV's professional-grade, cloud-based DVR and editing tools also improve existing video editing workflows by streamlining the process, making it faster and easier than ever before. Using SnappyTV's solution, technology conference TechCrunch Disrupt NY was able to make more than 350 clips ready for instant publishing on their website and social networking channels -- a process that took days in the past. In addition, media organizations, such as Livestation, a global leader in live TV streaming news, have used SnappyTV's consumer publishing tools to drive awareness about new services or programs through social media outlets.

SnappyTV's new self-service suite includes the following tiered solutions designed to meet specific user requirements:

  • Express - supports recording and editing of live events and publishing to social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter;
  • Pro - professional-grade editing, scheduling and social publishing capabilities for real-time clip sharing to social media, YouTube, and other Content Management Systems, i.e. Brightcove and Ooyala; and
  • Conferences and Live Events - powerful tools to record and edit conference and live streaming video, so event highlights can be instantly published to social media, YouTube and other Content Management Systems.

For enterprises that require more robust video editing and publishing technologies, SnappyTV offers its traditional Enterprise solution with advanced capabilities, including powerful branding and control options, system customization and unlimited seat licenses and streaming features.

SnappyTV's Self-Service Solutions - Pricing and Availability
SnappyTV's self service solutions are available immediately and can be experienced with a FREE 30-day trial. The Express version is priced at $99/month; the Pro version at $499/month; and the Conferences and Live Events at $999 per event.

For more information, to download a trial, or purchase one of the new self-service offerings, go to the or contact

About SnappyTV
SnappyTV is a live cloud and video content publishing and distribution platform that works directly with content owners to enable viewers to distribute video clips from their favorite shows in real time, increasing tune-in and audience engagement. With SnappyTV, users can easily create their own 20-second video clip from what they see on TV or online streaming events and share it instantly with their friends via social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

Major television networks, cable channels, sports leagues and conferences, including ABC News, Fox Sports, MTV, Tennis Channel, NCAA, PBS News Hour and TechCrunch are using SnappyTV's real time publishing platform to change the way audiences engage with and talk about their favorite shows and live TV events by integrating video clips with social conversations.

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