July 16, 2013 09:00 ET

SNATZ Brings You Tech News and Emerging Trends That You Want to Read

Free Automated and Personalized News Reader Looks Past Popularity to Provide Articles That You Wouldn't Discover on Your Own

SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2013) - SNATZ today launched its free fully automated and personalized web-based news reader delivering the latest in tech news and trends. Unlike other news services that just recommend the most popular stories that you probably already know, SNATZ digs deeper into the news cycle in order to find the trends that are growing in popularity before they are widely known.

Readers can now use SNATZ to uncover articles they want to read, without searching. By using advanced clustering analysis on thousands of news sources in real-time SNATZ is able to sort articles into multiple segments and display diversified and trending stories from a variety of tech-related fields. This allows readers to escape from articles that don't fit their interests but are high in social popularity, which is a problem found in the recommendations of other news readers. Current trends are also compared with the last set of trends provided in order to avoid news the reader is already aware of.

Once you sign in using your Twitter or Facebook account, personalized news articles will be updated every four hours in the "My SNATZ" section, with a news summary provided daily. Switch over to the "Trending" news view, updated every hour, in order to stay on top of the latest and most-read tech articles from across the web. SNATZ makes it easy to customize your news experience from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

"SNATZ is a new kind of news reader aspiring to change the way we consume information," said Tom Takihi, founder and CEO of SNATZ. "People are more time deprived than ever and can't afford to sift through countless repetitive articles that may be popular. SNATZ helps you to keep up with what's happening now in tech, but it also surfaces the trends that are starting to develop so users can stay ahead of the curve. SNATZ simplifies news discovery and gives you not just tech news, but tech news that fits your interests and will bring value to your daily reading -- without the hassle."

To break away from the generic and customize your news, visit:

SNATZ is a free, personalized service that delivers the latest in tech-related news. With a new set of articles updated every hour, SNATZ makes it easy to keep up with the fast-paced tech industry. Unlike other services based solely on social popularity, SNATZ doesn't just rank news but analyzes it using advanced algorithms to provide trends from every corner of the web that fit your interests. Personalized articles are revealed every four hours and a custom news summary is compiled daily. Discover the articles that you want to read from your PC, tablet or smartphone, without the intensive searching. For a personalized news discovery experience, visit:

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