October 19, 2009 08:45 ET

SNRG Corporation Announces Shift in Business Model

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - October 19, 2009) - SNRG Corporation (PINKSHEETS: SNRG) announced this morning that the Company's Board of Directors has approved a significant shift in its business model and focus to operations that involve the implementation and redevelopment of advanced waste processing and materials recovery technologies. Specifically, SNRG has begun the necessary steps to acquire a facility that will be dedicated to developing, improving and operating advanced de-manufacturing technologies and services.

The operating facility, which SNRG has targeted for potential acquisition, is planned to receive and process a wide mix of waste materials for the purpose of extracting these material's core, or "virgin", chemical elements or materials component, and then returning and selling these recycled products back into the marketplace at a level of quality equal to -- and in certain cases superior to -- their virgin product equivalents.

SNRG plans to initially target those waste products whose recycled value justifies their extraction cost, and those for which the optimal usage is as a recycled material. SNRG's targeted facility, whose specific location and onsite improvements must remain confidential during the negotiation process, is hoped to ultimately provide SNRG with numerous revenue streams and steadily be transformed into the premiere producer of high-end, recycled materials in the U.S.

According to CEO of SNRG Corp. D. Elroy Fimrite, "The world is choking on waste and is simultaneously facing critical shortages of virgin materials. Many of the products used in society are carbon-based, and many are derived from oil and gas. Our planet has become inflicted with the 'end of life' waste stream of these products, and with the environmental pollution released during their production."

"All materials, organic and inorganic, that are being produced as a result of growing populations worldwide, are recoverable in the form of the basic chemical elements that they are constituted from. Long-term plans for SNRG involve acquisition and development of integrated technologies that will be utilized for the processing and recovery of virgin quality materials from all forms of waste: benign or toxic, organic or inorganic, solid or liquid, and hazardous or non-hazardous," added CEO Fimrite.

The Company is currently in negotiations to raise the necessary capital to execute on its new business model, and to complete the planned acquisition of the de-manufacturing facility; funds for which the Company does not currently have. Additional information on these activities will be made available as soon as is appropriate.


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