December 07, 2011 12:18 ET

Snuggie Beats Forever Lazy as Top Stocking Stuffer Swag: NetBase Brand Passion Index Examines Consumer Gag Gift Gossip

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 7, 2011) - NetBase, the Social Media Insight & Analysis company, today announced the latest Brand Passion Index, which measured consumer passion for five products as seen on TV infomercials. In the spirit of the white elephant party, the Index used the NetBase Insight Workbench to extract the opinions, emotions and behaviors expressed by online consumers for the following gag gifts: the Snuggie, Pajama Jeans, Forever Lazy, BumpIt, and Feather Hair Extensions. The data for each of the five brands was analyzed using three key metrics: share of buzz, net sentiment and passion intensity.

The data surfaced by the NetBase Insight Workbench revealed overall positive net sentiment for all five infomercial brands. The quirky products received generally enthusiastic marks from consumers who chat on the social web.

The Snuggie emerged as the gag gift to give, with the highest scores across all three metrics, while its similarly cozy competitor, Forever Lazy, has yet to win over consumers. The Snuggie generated 77% of the overall chatter, and ranked highest in Net Sentiment with a score of 79 and in Passion Intensity with a score of 83. On the other hand, Forever Lazy, the newest product to hit the TV infomercial market, generated a Passion Intensity score of 22, which was the lowest of the five brands.

The second most talked about product was Pajama Jeans with 13% of the overall conversation. Garnering only a Net Sentiment score of 62 and a Passion Intensity score of 44, the stretchy pants fall somewhat short in passionate fans. Feather Hair Extensions generated only 4% of the chatter, but the trendy accessory managed to claim the second highest Net Sentiment, with a score of 69.

Verbatim surfaced about the Snuggie showed that online consumers are truly passionate about their backwards loungewear, raving about everything from its patterns to its innovation.

The Snuggie is awesome for flights

The snuggie is as awesome as everyone claims!!!

My Ninja Turtle Snuggie is by far the best thing I own

I'm pretty sure this Snuggie is the best gift I received...

The snuggie was one of the best inventions. Also it was one of my best investments

Conversations about Forever Lazy showed that online consumers draw comparisons to the new brand's loungewear counterpart, the Snuggie -- and often find it lacking, noting that the Forever Lazy falls short in various ways and putting it at the bottom of the list of brands analyzed.

The forever lazy is even worse than the snuggie!

Forever lazy is CORNY

Forever lazy is just a snuggie with legs and a zipper

Wow they really made an adult size onesy called the "forever lazy" that's sad

Explaining the low metrics, verbatim about Pajama Jeans showed that the product is still not a widely loved product in social media chatter, citing its lack of style as the number one downside to the brand.

I think "pajama jeans" are worse than the snuggie I mean reaaally what are ppl thinking!

Pajama Jeans are neverrr okay

I'm no fashionista, but aren't these just glorified sweat pants? With some stitching to fool the eye? IMO they're kinda tacky and I have no desire to pay $40 for sweatpants

Pajama Jeans are not only a crime against fashion, but a crime against humanity

On the accessories side, Feather Hair Extensions got social media talking about everything from how fun and easy to apply the product is to how inhumane and ugly it can be.

Feather Hair extensions are one of my favorite summer accessories

Feather Hair Extensions are a fun way to spice up your hair!

RT@danadearmond: feather hair extensions seem to be really expensive and probably from a tortured animal

Dear Girls: Feather hair extensions was a trend 2 years ago and it is just as tacky and disgusting now

Each month, the Brand Passion Index analyzes consumer passion for brands in various categories and publishes the results on the NetBase blog.

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