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April 10, 2014 10:00 ET

Snupps, a New Way to Organize Your Stuff, Launches on iOS

A Simple Way to Organize and Socialize Around the Stuff You Own and Cherish

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Apr 10, 2014) - Today, Snupps launches a simple way to organize and socialize around the stuff you own and cherish. With Snupps, you can keep track of your items and connect around your collections, keepsakes, gadgets, heirlooms and much more, all in one place.

"We often don't know what we have or where it is, but we want access to our stuff, especially when it comes to items that truly matter to us," said Mac Anabtawi, co-founder of Snupps. "That's where Snupps comes in -- we created it so we can access all of our stuff anytime and from anywhere, and socialize with others around the stuff that we care about."

Launching on iOS, Snupps is a convenient place to remember what you have so you don't forget or misplace anything. Just take a picture, add a few details and organize it on Snupps' virtual shelves. Additionally, you can showcase your collections, follow people who have similar interests and be inspired by what others are collecting. 

Snupps lets you:

  • Simply keep track of your valuables and belongings; Snupps has a patent-pending, intuitive user interface, including a drag and drop feature that makes it easy and convenient for anyone to use
  • Showcase your collections on virtual shelves and check out others' stuff -- follow, comment and 'wow' items or shelves that you like; you can even rate your own stuff
  • Store all your valuables and sentimental items in one place and know where they are at all times -- pick a privacy option that suits you, but know that Snupps is private-by-default
  • Take your stuff everywhere and always have it at your fingertips

Snupps was born out of an idea that Sari and Mac Anabtawi, father and son, had when they lost their luggage containing clothes, electronics and other personal accessories. They spent weeks figuring out what was lost for the insurance claims and received some compensation. However, they realized that they had an emotional attachment to the items that were priceless and irreplaceable. It was then, they decided there had to be a better way to keep track of and see what you own, right at your fingertips.

"Americans own $5 trillion worth of stuff1, yet they have no easy way to store, manage and organize it -- all in one place -- until now," said Sari Anabtawi, co-founder and CEO of Snupps. "Snupps not only makes organizing addictive and delightful for people serious about their stuff, it also brings out the collector in all of us."

The company is also announcing that it has raised $5M in seed funding from Amr Zedan, the chairman of the Zedan Group. Amr has made early stage investments in a number of startups including Jumio (co-invested with Eduardo Saverin), Palantir (founded by Peter Thiel) and QBeats.

Snupps is available for free on iOS devices and the web. Download Snupps in the Apple App Store or visit for more information.

About Snupps

Snupps is a simple way to organize and socialize around the stuff you own and cherish, accessible for free from your iPhone, iPad or the web. It makes organizing the stuff that matters to you quick and easy and allows you to digitally take your stuff with you, anywhere you go. Snupps is the one place for all your stuff, from your collections, keepsakes, gadgets, accessories, heirlooms, furnishings, stuff in storage and much more. Just take a picture, add some details and organize your stuff on virtual shelves. Keep them private or share with others. Independent and privately-held, Snupps is a U.S. company headquartered in London. The company raised $5 million in its seed round. For more information, visit

1 Federal Reserve,

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