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March 17, 2008 07:07 ET

SOA Software Announces Integrated SOA Governance for IBM WebSphere Message Broker

Company Certifies IBM WebSphere Message Broker as a Governed Service Platform

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 17, 2008) - SOA Software, a leading Integrated SOA Governance Automation vendor, today announced that it has certified IBM WebSphere Message Broker as a Governed Service Platform. This certification allows customers to use IBM WebSphere Message Broker to implement and enforce governance policies for enterprise Web services providing reporting data to enable a closed-loop audit process as part of their enterprise SOA.

Certified Governed Service Platform status means that customers can be confident that their platforms won't compromise the fidelity of the governance systems and structures defined in an enterprise SOA program.

SOA Software's Workbench and Service Manager ensure that IBM WebSphere Message Broker can facilitate and benefit from the Integrated SOA Governance Automation best practices:

--  Trust & management mediation -- provide last-mile security, metric
    collection and reporting, SLA monitoring and management, to make services
    exposed by IBM WebSphere Message Broker business-class.  Provide policy
    implementation and mediation enabling IBM WebSphere Message Broker to
    communicate with a wide range of mission critical business services exposed
    from any platform
--  Service virtualization -- safely make IBM WebSphere Message Broker
    services available to partners and consume partner services
--  Governance Automation -- automate the publishing of IBM WebSphere
    Message Broker services, providing lifecycle workflow with approvals,
    collaboration services, and consumer contract provisioning
--  Continuous compliance and validation -- ensure the relevance,
    applicability and suitability of IBM WebSphere Message Broker services
--  Metadata federation -- ensure that IBM WebSphere Message Broker
    services are visible to, relevant, and consumable by other platforms -- and
    make services from other platforms visible to, relevant and consumable by
    IBM WebSphere Message Broker
--  Change impact mitigation -- ensure that changes to IBM WebSphere
    Message Broker services don't cause major outages by breaking consumers
--  Uniform policy management -- ensure that IBM WebSphere Message Broker
    services can be leveraged as first-class citizens throughout an enterprise
    SOA by using policies that are uniform across all platforms

SOA Software provides a custom palette for the IBM WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit. The nodes can be dragged and dropped into the appropriate points in a process flow and provide the full functionality of the Agent for last-mile policy enforcement, and the Delegate for first-mile policy implementation.

"We are pleased to announce the integration of our Integrated SOA Governance Automation products with IBM WebSphere Message Broker," said Frank Martinez, executive vice president of SOA Software. "The certification of IBM WebSphere Message Broker as a Governed Service Platform gives customers confidence that their existing investments in IBM WebSphere Message Broker preserve the fidelity of the governance models, structures and mechanisms supporting their enterprise SOA program."

SOA Software and IBM

IBM customers leverage SOA Software for seamless, heterogeneous SOA Governance, Security and Management integration with their IBM Middleware infrastructure to ensure interoperability across disparate partners and platforms. SOA Software's products provide uniform lifecycle and policy governance across all existing platform investments with standards support for Governance automation and trust enablement and mediation.

SOA Software's products work seamlessly with IBM's WebSphere product family including WSRR, DataPower, Process Server, Application Server, and Message Broker.

About SOA Software

SOA Software is a leading provider of comprehensive, enterprise-class integrated SOA Governance solutions. SOA Software products provide a comprehensive closed-loop SOA governance solution (Workbench), a high-performance, scalable SOA security, mediation, and management solution (Service Manager), and a mainframe Web services solution for CICS applications (SOLA). SOA Software products process over 500 million mission critical transactions a month and are used by the largest Fortune 1000 corporations, including Merrill Lynch, Verizon, and Pfizer. For more information, please visit

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