March 05, 2007 08:00 ET

SOASTA Announces General Availability of SOASTA Concerto™, the Industry's First Web Testing Service

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 5, 2007 -- SOASTA, Inc., today announced the general availability of SOASTA Concerto, the first offering in the company's flagship product family and the industry's first Web testing service. With SOASTA Concerto, SOASTA addresses the need for an integrated, collaborative, affordable environment to easily test today's complex Web applications and services.

SOASTA Concerto represents a completely new paradigm in Web testing. Designed on the visual metaphor of digital media creation tools, SOASTA Concerto is comprised of five powerful visual editors that allow users to easily create and run complex tests within minutes, find and fix errors in real-time, and collaborate and reuse test scenarios across the testing team.

"SOASTA was founded to solve the problem of automating the testing of Web applications and services. SOASTA Concerto completely changes the way Web testing is done by providing the market with a far more intuitive, productive and less expensive approach," said Ken Gardner, founder and executive chairman, SOASTA. "The opportunity in front of us is very large. Our goal is to become the Mercury Interactive of Web testing." SOASTA Concerto supports unit, functional, load, performance and Web UI testing and ensures Web-based services and applications perform the functions that they were designed to perform in a high quality, reliable manner. "SOASTA Concerto delivers a comprehensive testing solution which enables testers and QA professionals to produce high quality applications on time and under budget," said Alexander Balva, vice president of engineering, Everdream. "The visual interface is powerful yet extremely easy to use, allowing us to avoid writing and wading through thousands of lines of code to ascertain the quality of our Web applications and services. We see SOASTA Concerto delivering us a 100 percent productivity improvement in our testing process."

"Today's options for load testing environments are not cost effective for companies to do real world testing of Web applications and services," said Chris Pritchard, director of engineering, OpSource. "SOASTA offers the first alternative that allows us to pay as we go and better manage our costs without forfeiting performance."

Key features and benefits of SOASTA Concerto include:

--  Browser-based: Test anytime, anywhere. SOASTA Concerto enables users
    to easily access their testing environment from across campus or across the
    world. As SOASTA Concerto runs on any computer that has a browser and
    Internet connection, there is no need to install software, download
    upgrades or worry about licensing.
--  Single, Integrated Testing Environment: With SOASTA Concerto you can
    test any Web application or service, no matter how complex. Users do not
    need to resort to cobbling together point products from different vendors.
    SOASTA Concerto natively supports all common testing types -- from
    functional/regression testing to load testing to performance testing to Web
    UI testing. It is also browser independent and supports a variety of
    protocols including SOAP, REST, HTTP, HTML, Ajax, XML-RPC, JSON, etc.
--  Scalable: SOASTA Concerto supports complex, real-world testing --
    whether Web applications and services containing thousands of messages and
    events, supporting tens of thousands of users, or the testing of diverse,
    third party applications and services.
--  Cost Effective: SOASTA Concerto's unique testing as a service model is
    easily one-third the cost of competitive offerings. With a low cost of
    entry, users pay only for what they use. They simply choose the plan that
    best suits their needs and start building real world test scenarios
Pricing and Availability

SOASTA Concerto is available now as a hosted service and on a subscription basis for in-house use. Pricing starts at $250 per month. Please visit for more information.

About SOASTA, Inc.

SOASTA, (pronounced so'-sta), is a privately held technology company focused on automating Web testing. Its first product, SOASTA Concerto, allows business users, business analysts, QA engineers, sales engineers, consultants, and developers to quickly and easily test Web applications and services. SOASTA is headquartered in Mountain View, California. To learn more about SOASTA and its product offerings, please visit

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