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January 10, 2017 18:07 ET

Soccer Goals Company Explores the Phenomenon of the "Ball Hog"

Vancouver soccer goals company outlines three stages of development in youth soccer

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - January 10, 2017) - As a company that manufactures and distributes soccer goals, Farpost Goals has some relieving news for soccer parents who fear they might be raising a ball hog. According to the latest blog on their website, this phenomenon is just one of three stages of development that most youth soccer players will gradually pass through. For more, go to:

The article summarizes the three stages of development like this:

1. Dependent Stage (Coaching tip - Need for patience)
2. Independent Stage (Coaching tip - Need for repetition)
3. Interdependent Stage (Coaching tip - Need for freedom)

According to the author, Coach Karl Dewazien, of Fundamental Soccer it's in the second stage that the tendency to be a ball hog might begin to show.

Players in the Independent Stage believe they have the skills, knowledge, background, etc. to win ball games for their team. They feel that unless they take on the opponent and beat them the team cannot win. This can manifest in a selfish style of play, which could earn the moniker of ball hog. Players in this stage may exhibit the following symptoms:

  • They will get tired during the middle or toward the end of the game -- we know what happens to technique when one gets tired.
  • They may get injured since opposing players will find a way to strip the players of the ball.
  • They may be double teamed if the opposing coach knows what he is doing.
  • Their peers may let them know verbally or physically (no passes to them) that they are hurting the team effort.

Although it may seem like a long list of negatives, most players eventually do learn that hogging the ball is not the best solution for the team's success and there is a time to run, pass, and shoot. They will then transition to the Interdependent Stage, where the players understand that everyone on the team contributes to a successful game and season.

It can take years to reach the Interdependent Stage, so it's best not to fret, unless the coach or another team administrator specifically draws attention to the behavior. Instead, try to let the kids learn and grow while enjoying the FUNdamentals of a great team-oriented sport.

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