August 09, 2012 16:12 ET

Social Gifting Hits New Daily High

U.S., U.K., Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Netherlands Withstand Gift-Giving Rampage, Busting All Previous Single Day Records at Wrapp

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN--(Marketwire - Aug 9, 2012) - Wrapp users went on a 24 hour gift giving tear yesterday that put the social gifting company on track to hit a monthly run rate of 1 million gifts given -- a target that wasn't expected to be achieved until December.

On Wednesday Wrapp users gave more than 33,000 free gift cards to their Facebook friends around the world, setting a new single day record fed in part by special offers from eight retailers in seven countries.

Wrapp, the new social gifting app for iPhone and Android smartphones, lets you give your Facebook friends free and paid gift cards redeemable at stores operated by over 130 top retailers across the U.S., Europe and Australia.

Since last November nearly 400,000 active users -- with a reach of over 41 million Facebook friends -- have given more than 2.8 million gift cards in celebration of birthdays, special occasions, or just adding a special touch when saying, "thank you," "congratulations," or "get well soon."

Under the banner of Global Gifting Day, the largest home improvement retailer in Sweden, Clas Ohlson, rewarded every user who gave away three of its gift cards with a double value Clas Ohlson gift card of their own. Within just a few hours, more than 10,000 Clas Ohlson gift cards were sent, breaking its previous daily record of just 2,000. 

Similar campaigns were run by Sokos, a popular merchant with department stores in the largest cities of Finland, as well as by home decorating chain RoyalDesign in Norway, and Fab, Holland's fashion label featuring luxurious bags, wallets and jewelry.

In Germany, organic clothes retailer Hessnatur offered its Facebook fans and Wrapp users double value gift cards. Online wine and spirits site did the same in the U.K.

"Along with flowers and chocolates, wine is one of the most exciting and sought after gifts," said Slurp CEO Jeremy Howard. "But the real attraction of Wrapp is the viral and collaborative nature of the giving -- and the fact that it allows us to target the Facebook generation. The initial results have been very positive for us. We believe this is a retail trend which has a huge amount further to go."

Finally, in the U.S., Brooklyn Industries, offering the hippest of the hip in hipster clothing and accessories, doubled the value of its free gift cards. And every Wrapp user that gave three free gift cards for beauty retailer Sephora was rewarded with a free $10 Sephora gift card of their own. 

"We think these types of celebration are not only great for users -- who enjoy a special treat once in a while -- but also our retail partners," said Hjalmar Winbladh, Wrapp's CEO. "The retailers have the opportunity to connect and reward people who truly love their brand and gain tons of brand exposure on Facebook. Approximately 80 percent of gift cards given using Wrapp are posted to the recipient's Facebook page."

Here's a quick Wrapp how-to:

1. Download the Wrapp app from Apple's App Store or Google Play.

2. Pick a friend to celebrate.

3. Select a free or paid gift card and write a greeting.

4. The gift card is posted on your friend's Facebook Timeline, in a text message or in an email.

5. Your friend receives the gift card in the Wrapp smartphone app.

6. The gift card is stored in the Wrapp Wallet on the smartphone so it's always in the pocket when you need it!

About Wrapp
Wrapp is a social gifting service for celebrating friends with free and paid gift cards from top brands. Wrapp allows friends to contribute to the gift cards, and makes them fun and easy to give, receive and redeem using mobile devices and the web. Founded in 2011, Wrapp is based in Stockholm and San Francisco, with offices in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and Brazil. Celebrate friends every day at

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