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Social iQ Networks, Inc.

June 05, 2012 10:30 ET

Social iQ Networks Releases Social Governance Solution for Admin and SMMS Application Control

Solution Provides Enterprise Organizations More Visibility and Policy-Based Control of Which Administrators and Third-Party Applications Access Their Accounts Across Social Platforms

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 5, 2012) - Social iQ Networks, Inc., the pioneer in social infrastructure optimization for the enterprise, today announced enhanced capabilities for its SocialPatrol solution with new policy capabilities that govern and audit account access and Social Media Management Systems (SMMS) used by enterprises. Social iQ Networks was selected to demonstrate the new capabilities at today's Launch: Silicon Valley 2012 held at the Microsoft Campus in Mountain View.

With the recent acquisitions of SMMS vendors by giants like Oracle and as well as continued forays into free SMMS tools from Hootsuite, Jive, and others, enterprises clearly continue to increase their social infrastructure sprawl. This makes the evolution to the industry's first cloud-based Enterprise Suite for social governance, announced earlier this year, even timelier. The solution allows organizations to discover, optimize and protect their social networking investments and better help those organizations control and manage their growing social infrastructure while providing better compliance with organizational goals and strategies.

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As social channels, networks and accounts multiply across the enterprise, so do the number of individuals and applications accessing them for management, engagement, or collaboration with prospects, customers, partners, influencers, and employees. In many cases, individuals at organizations independently utilize and pay for dozens of different tools, with only a few of them coordinated, authorized, and secure. This explosion in accounts, tools, and fragmented administration activity drives a lack of cohesiveness and efficiency while increasing risk.

Social iQ Networks SocialPatrol solution fills the gaps that create cost and risk for enterprises. Social iQ Networks already allows organizations to discover, organize, and track their social account infrastructure, but has now added enhanced auditing for 3rd party application and content usage, the ability to create policies for managing which users and what applications have access to and can be used on what accounts.

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SocialPatrol increases organizations' ability to set security, compliance, and acceptable use content policies across multiple social accounts on disparate social networks, and third-party applications.

The Social iQ Networks Enterprise Suite with these enhancements to SocialPatrol is available today via subscription, including a free trial, which can be registered for at Existing users will have access to these enhancements at no cost.


  • "Most large enterprises have nearly 200 social accounts representing their brand across three or more social network platforms," said Devin Redmond, Co-Founder and CEO of Social iQ Networks. "Each of those accounts has between three-to-ten admins and two-to-three different content publishing or SMMS applications all with access to the account -- each of which increases the risk of having the account miss-aligned or even compromised. While publishing apps are working to create role-based models around publishing through their tools, SocialPatrol fills the gaps in more common heterogeneous multi-account, multi-admin, multi-tool enterprises."

  • "Hundreds of third-party applications are introduced each year designed to help organizations manage their social accounts. However, most users don't consider the origin or security of these applications, or the risk they pose to their organization as they use them behind corporate firewalls," said Chris Christiansen, Program Vice President for IDC's Security Products and Services group. "A sustainable long-term social strategy relies on the ability to provide a more secure and organized infrastructure to employees so they can adopt social media safely and effectively for the brand."

  • As an organization, we have to better control the users and applications that have access to our social accounts. Many of the tools are adopted before they are tested for security and compliance by the company," said Massimo Prioreschi, VP Sales & Marketing, Backroads. "At the same time it's difficult to keep track of which employees have access to what accounts. Social iQ Networks provides us the ability to create our social infrastructure while giving us the visibility and enterprise-class policy management across accounts, users, applications, and content.


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