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December 07, 2007 03:00 ET

Social Issue: The Next Generation

Vision Media Examines the Plight of Single Moms

PASADENA, CA--(Marketwire - December 7, 2007) - Glamour magazine recently featured two unwed mothers who are planning to raise a child alone after their relationships faltered and broke up. While society has come to accept single parenting this does not mean being a single mom is easy. In fact it's a social issue communities have to deal with every day. The median income for single moms with children under six years old is roughly a quarter of that of the average two-parent household. Most single moms need to work and mind the children when they can. Statistics show that half of single moms work two jobs just to make ends meet. estimates that one out of every two children in the USA will live in a single-parent family before they reach the age of eighteen.

Kathy Stevens, who raised two sons as a single mother, offers advice for single moms in the Vision article "What is a Single Mother to Do?"

--  Reinforce family relationships in the extended family.
--  Seek role models for your children. Boys and even girls need the
    security of a father image. Choose them well to enhance your family
--  Reach out to the community. Reach out for help and then step back and
    allow that help to unfold.

A study conducted by the Search Institute found that in our Western society & culture, it is children from single-parent homes that are most likely to have behavioral problems. This same study, however, identified a unique group of single-parent children who did not engage in risk behavior. These were called "thrivers" and they excelled, succeeding at rates even higher than their peers with two parent family relationships. These children all had external social assets, quality schools, adult friends and role models, and were often involved in Church activities.

Few studies in recent years have been conducted on this social issue. It would seem self evident, however, that when it comes to parenting two heads are better than one; emotionally, economically and developmentally. Each of these factors is crucial to the future of our children and our society.

"The responsibility for family relationships in our society and culture doesn't fall on single mothers alone," says Gina Stepp, author of the Vision article. "Married parents can help by including single-parent families in their social circles, and reaching out to their children's fatherless friends."

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