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June 15, 2009 03:03 ET

Social Issues: New Documentary Series on MTV Gives Teens Stork Reality About Pregnancy -- Explores Research and Statistics That Underlie the Role of Family Relationships in Mitigating the Social Issue of Teen Pregnancy

PASADENA, CA--(Marketwire - June 15, 2009) - A new 6-part series titled, "16 and Pregnant," premiered Thursday, June 11 on MTV. The series documents the lives of teenage girls as they meet the challenges of high-school parenthood. Why is this a must-see for parents and teens alike? The latest article titled, "Teen Pregnancy: The Tangled Web," says it's because teens desperately need to hear the real stories about pregnancy and parenthood that create continued social issues in society and culture today. "As parents and teachers know," says Vision's Gina Stepp, "parenthood is not all fun and games and cuddly babies who chortle happily in their prams."

Unfortunately, not all teens are aware of just how much work parenthood can be. In fact, points out, some studies have shown that some teens don't worry as much as they should about the risks of pregnancy because they romanticize pregnancy and parenthood. The stories they've heard have too often been about celebrities whose babies are a trendy accessory, and they fail to pick up on the fact that those celebrities often have access to nannies and other resources that are not standard issue in the lives of ordinary teens in society and culture today.

Bill Albert of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, which is heavily involved in the documentary behind the scenes, told Vision that statistics may be helpful to some degree, but stories are the best way to explain the realities to teens. And it is precisely the realities depicted in the lives of the six girls in MTV's new documentary series that teens need to understand. High school, for them, will never be the same.

"But there are other stories teens need to hear," adds. "Stories about the hopes and dreams that parents have for their children; stories about the relevance of the child's own ideals and aspirations; stories about realities such as how premature parenthood will affect a teen's ability to provide for his or her family's future, or about the realities of infant care."

Whose responsibility is it to tell these stories? Schools and public programs can only go so far. The most important influences in the lives of children are -- or should be -- their parents. Of course, this influence goes much further than mere storytelling. "The reality is that defining the role of the family in reducing teen pregnancies requires taking a closer look at the knotty problem," says Stepp. Join for an in-depth exploration of the research and statistics that underlie the role of family relationships in mitigating this social issue in "Teen Pregnancy: The Tangled Web."

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