Ron Shewchuk Seminars

Ron Shewchuk Seminars

January 27, 2010 12:00 ET

Social Media Are (Finally) Sparking a Revolution in Employee Communication

Vancouver and Calgary conferences will showcase new ways to engage employees in changing times

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 27, 2010) - Employee communication expert Ron Shewchuk says there's a revolution going on in the workplace, and it's time for employers to join it -- before they are overwhelmed by it.

"Technology, economics, demographics and employee attitudes are quickly changing and it's hard to keep track, let alone keep up," says Shewchuk. "With all the new tools and channels, we've never had so much power to communicate effectively with employees or had so many options at our fingertips."

Despite all that power, Shewchuk says many organizations are lagging behind when it comes to implementing new communication tools in the workplace. "While social media like Facebook and YouTube have become part of most people's everyday lives, many companies are reluctant to allow employees to use these kinds of applications at work. And there's a growing gap between those who are embracing the new technologies and those who aren't."

To help bridge that gap and get employers quickly up to speed on the latest trends, Shewchuk has launched Ron Shewchuk Seminars, which is hosting an employee communication conference in Vancouver March 22-24 and Calgary March 24-26. Dubbed RonCon 2010, the event will feature some of North America's leading experts on social media, employee engagement and digital communications.

"Most employers realize it's time to join this revolution, but they don't know where to begin," says Shewchuk. "They also want to make sure they understand and manage the risks associated with using social media in the workplace. The good news is that the companies that were first to adopt the new tools have cleared a path for the rest of us. RonCon 2010 will include many case studies that clearly show how employee communication can be improved in ways that increase engagement, minimize risks and drive business results."

Shewchuk, whose alter-ego is Rockin' Ronnie, barbecue evangelist and cookbook author, is mixing a little brisket with business on the RonCon 2010 agenda. The evening event on the main conference day in Vancouver and Calgary will feature his "Communication Cookout," a combination six-course grilled feast and motivational speech that uses each course of the meal to illustrate an aspect of communication in the workplace.

Host city sponsors of RonCon 2010 are the BC and Calgary chapters of the International Association of Business Communicators. Marketwire is a supporting sponsor.

For more information about RonCon 2010, download the full conference brochure here. You can also follow the conference twitter feed, or check out the RonCon 2010 Facebook fan page at

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