Vloggo LLC

February 07, 2012 06:00 ET

Social Media Startup Simplifies Online Video Sharing

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 7, 2012) - Los Angeles-based startup company has one thing on its mind: making video the primary form of sharing in online communities. Unlike status notifications or "tweets," Vloggo members use short videos (sixty seconds or less) to express their daily lives. Users are able utilize an iPhone application, computer webcams or traditional file uploading to share videos on a friendly host platform where individuals can "follow" other Vloggo users, share videos, and link into Facebook and Twitter.

CEO Luke Wojnowski was quoted saying: "The website was built with simplicity in mind. Video is the most sophisticated form of social media sharing, but Vloggo is simpler to use than any of the big social websites. A 90-year-old grandmother can share on Vloggo just as easily as the tech hungry teenager." Since users can upload anything from dinner meals, to concerts, to parties, Vloggo wants the process of uploading to be quick and simple. "If it's worth uploading, we want users to record, upload and share, then get back to the fun," said Wojnowski.

Vloggo anticipates seeing a large increase in political oriented videos during the electoral season. "Video is a personal medium and it takes a certain amount of conviction to discuss a political candidate. A vlog shows true commitment to a political view," said CFO Alec Jossens. Vloggo will not be endorsing any particular candidate during the season, but encourages users to say what's on their mind and why they support their candidates.

Vloggo has spent the last several months strengthening their platform and adding security features to ensure all users have a fun and safe time on the website. Those who want to share videos just among followers have the option to make their accounts private where users must approve those who will be following them. "We see this as a great tool for college students to keep in touch with friends between classes as well as helping troops overseas keep in touch with their families. The application has limitless possibilities.", which launched on January 26th, is currently recruiting additional developers and growing their executive team with the hopes to grow in the international market. "We have some exciting meetings coming up and can't wait for the future. It's great to see people recognizing video as an important part of social media."

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