Social Media Week Toronto (SMWTO)

Social Media Week Toronto (SMWTO)

November 17, 2011 16:48 ET

Social Media Week Toronto Announces Themes for 2012 Festival

Eighteen Sessions Already Confirmed for February's Event

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 17, 2011) - Social Media Week Toronto (SMWTO) announces that the week-long festival running from Feb. 13-17 next year will be organized around a group of themes for the first time.

"One of our goals for Social Media Week Toronto is to go deeper into how social media is affecting business, society and our personal relationships. These five sub-themes will shape the experience and create a richer event for both hosts and participants," says Eli Singer, President and Founder of Entrinsic, the company producing SMWTO. Singer notes the sub-themes were extracted from the global theme of Empowering Change Through Collaboration.

These five sub-themes for SMWTO are:

  • A Social Society (Mon., Feb. 13)
  • The Community Within (Tues., Feb. 14)
  • Information at Lightspeed (Wed., Feb. 15)
  • At Your Fingertips: Social in the palm of your hand (Thurs., Feb 16)
  • Innovative Minds & Technology (Fri., Feb. 17)

Toronto is one of 13 city hosts for this global event held simultaneously throughout the world. A total of 18 events are already confirmed for the week-long festival in Toronto.

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About Social Media Week

Reflecting the global impact of social media – and its role as a catalyst in driving cultural, economic, political and social change in developed and emerging markets – Social Media Week is one of the world's most unique global platforms, offering a series of interconnected activities and conversations around the world on emerging trends in social and mobile media across all major industries.

In just under three years, Social Media Week has expanded to 21 cities, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Istanbul, London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Glasgow, Berlin, Moscow, Beirut and Hong Kong. Starting in 2012, SMW is adding Tokyo, Singapore, DC, Hamburg and Miami.

Annually, SMW attracts more than 60,000 attendees across thousands of individually organized events, with half a million connecting to the conference online and through mobile.

"Social Media Week does not disappoint. It is a real-world manifestation of some of the best that new technology has to offer – ideas, strategies and insights shared by the people who are shaping the future," Ellen McGirt, Senior Writer, Fast Company.

Social Media Week is owned and operated by Crowdcentric Media LLC.

About Entrinsic

At Entrinsic we build corporate social media strategies that energize brands, empower communications and bring communities to life. We design and execute tailor made strategies for your brand and specific needs using cutting-edge research and analytics. Our clients have included Google, Rogers, MoMA and the Bank of Montreal. For more info visit

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Social Media Week Toronto current schedule

Note: dates and times are subject to change.

Mon., Feb. 13
Theme: A Social Society

Host: KiwiCommons

Title: Digital Legacy: Raising a Social Generation

Description: Digital Legacy: Raising a Social Generation is a panel discussion on how youth use social media and the practices they should take to ensure they are socializing online in a safe way. Featuring Ryan Moreau of Kiwi Seminars, the panel will discuss topics such as privacy settings, how to be a social savvy parent/teacher, and evaluating the type of digital trails that youth are leaving behind.

Host: KiwiCommons

Title: P2P: The New Model for Social Good

Description: P2P: The New Model for Social Good is a panel discussion on using social media to create positive change. Social media has made a shift from business2business to person2person, creating a massive awakening of online humanitarian work. This particular discussion will focus on how simply paying attention to a person's tweet or Facebook status update can spark the type of fire that can change a single life for the better.

Host: ING Direct

Title: The Money Movement Goes Social

Description: ING DIRECT Canada is bringing together several of Canada's prominent Personal Finance Experts to discuss using social media as a means for teaching the public about important topics like saving, retirement, financial literacy and money.

Host: HeadStart Solutions

Title: Your Digital Footprint and Society's Shift Online

Description: Society began shifting human interactions online since the early 1980s. In 2011, every kind of social group is finding their own space to interact with online in the form of niche communities. Do you have a digital footprint? Is it personal or professional? What is best? How do we cope with "default private" to "default public" in the generations to come?

Host: Artez

Title: Now Trending: Social media & the charitable sector

Description: Social media has transformed the way people can engage with their favourite nonprofits & charitable organizations. What does social fundraising mean for the future of philanthropy in Canada?

Host: Theatre Ontario

Title: 2AMT Meet up!

Description: It's time for another 2AM Theatre Meetup! Theatre artists who are active tweeters and participate in the 2AM Theatre conversations are invited to an in-person meetup in Toronto to get to know each other better, and talk practically about needs and upcoming projects.

Tues., Feb. 14
Theme: The Community Within

Host: The Palmerston Group

Title: Project Butterfly: Escaping the Net

Description: What effect can learning about how sociable people interact in the real world have on the online space?

We set out on a multi-city project, both online and in the real world, actively immersing ourselves in a variety of communities so that we could truly understand the elements that contribute to interaction and involvement. We entered worlds ranging from coastal skateparks to suburban supermalls, making observations and conducting 'speedfriending' experiments. By learning how we naturally interact with each other and by building a framework of how 'highly sociable' people work, we're able to use this knowledge to help build online social communities that act more naturally.

Merging digital anthropology with cutting edge ethnography this is a presentation of Toronto's The Palmerston Group in conjunction with Seattle's Cole + Weber United.

Host: HarthTV

Title: Creating Content for Thousands of Audiences of One

Description: In this day and age, it's not enough to tailor your message to your audience. You have to craft something special for each individual member of your audience. Everyone needs to feel like you made your thing just for them. Join Mark Reale, Logan Aube, and Sean Ward for a look at how this one-to-one approach informs their work on projects such as, Harth TV, and more.

Host: Art Gallery of Ontario

Title: Curation vs. Curation

Description: This panel discussion places art curators and online content curators side by side to discuss changing definitions of the word. Is there common ground and the potential for a common understanding? If we all have the potential to become curators online, what effect does this have on traditional concepts of the profession?

Host: DevTO

Title: DevTO: Creating a community of Developers and Designers

DevTO creates a successful meetup to build synergies and ideas in the developer community with the use of Social Media. Chris Jones from DevTO will lead a presentation/discussion on the community for developers which has lead to collaborations such as Epilogger/Atendy. Food and Refreshment will be provided 6:30-10pm.

Host: Praxis Theatre

Title: Theatre & Online Interactivity

Description: Michael Wheeler and Aislinn Rose of Praxis Theatre will host a 1 hour case-study analysis of the work they make in tandem with online community building activities, and how that community in turn helps build the work. A presentation lead by the editors of and community members, this conversation aims to not only explore the notion of social media as audience development tool, but also performance development. A conversation for industry professionals, students, producers, media, PR professionals, and industry enthusiasts.

Wed., Feb. 15
Theme: Information at Light Speed

Host: Noise Digital

Title: The reality behind 'real-time'

Description: The emergence of the real-time always on consumer has created a real-time marketing revolution. Data – it's everywhere and always flowing. It's fast becoming the main driver behind marketing, advertising, and communications successes, for commercial and social causes alike. This presentation will explore how data is the thread that informs real-time digital communication plans and campaigns, creates new roles and opportunities for digital creators and marketers, and how technology, great ideas, and these theories are driving the future of how people connect and relate to information and each other.

Host: ThirdOcean

Title: BankConnectTO

Description: How are financial institutions using social media, technology and other new media tools to connect with their customers and potential new markets?

Host: Nat & Marie

Title: Live Broadcast & Q&A Session with the Nat & Marie crew

Description: Live streaming is more than inserting digital media into a live conversation. When combined with technology, bright lights, multiple cameras and people, the flow of discussion changes into a broadcasting experience unlike anything else available in social media. Come RSVP for an exclusive behind the scenes audience with Canada's first and foremost live-streaming show, Nat & Marie. Visit the studio, be a part of the broadcast, see the team in action and post show have access to the entire crew for a private Q&A session. Under one roof, those interested in live streaming will have access to the hosts, digital strategist, DJs, audio technicians, development team, director, technical director, producers and social media correspondents to learn how to build a brand & live broadcast online.

Thurs., Feb. 16
Theme: At Your Finger tips: social in the palm of your hand

Host: Toronto Travel Massive

Title: Getting Serious About Travel Blogging

Description: A panel of representatives from the travel industry, the media, PR, travel writing and travel blogging will examine the following questions -- all within the "empowering change through collaboration" theme of the conference: What is travel blogging, and how developed is it as an industry? What are the opportunities for travel bloggers? Is travel blogging the future of travel journalism? How is travel blogging different than traditional media? How can travel companies, organizations, and PR firms, work with travel bloggers? How do travel bloggers fulfill their social media obligations on the road? What's in the travel bloggers toolkit? We will be looking at ways media and industry can work together to provide travelers with good information, and travel bloggers with the tools, support, respect and remuneration they need. Hosted by Toronto Travel Massive. For more information visit Toronto Travel Massive.

Fri., Feb 17
Theme: Innovative Minds and Technology

Host: Wattpad

Title: Transmedia Goes Social

Description: Join our presentation and discussion on how producers and publishers create transmedia projects that incorporate social media, and how these innovative ideas are shaping the future of mobile technologies. We'll go through examples from major studios to indie authors and take a look at what's to come as more companies and their audiences embrace transmedia approaches to storytelling. Our fireside chat will be moderated by Nina Lassam, Wattpad's Writer & Content Partnership Manager.

Host: Art Gallery of Ontario

Title: Social Art, Social Good

Description: Artists, arts professionals and cultural communicators come together to discuss the effect that social media has had on their lives and to share tips for using different platforms to promote their work.

All week long:

Artist: Brototypes

Title: tweet2hold

Description: tweet2hold is a five-day interactive installation that transforms social media chatter into an artistic physical form. For Social Media Week Toronto, tweet2hold will amass a flock of origami birds – each one emblazoned with an individual tweet culled from twitter. The size, shape and colour of each bird is rendered based on the emotional character of the tweet.

tweet2hold is a project by Toronto media collective Brototypes. This will be the second outing for tweet2hold after its spectacular introduction at Nuit Blanche 2011.

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