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April 30, 2014 07:55 ET

Social Opinion Startup Launches Squerb for iOS7, Places Visual Opinion in the Palm of Your Hands

The Web's Best Sentiment Engine Goes Mobile on iOS7 Devices, Putting the Power of Squerb's Visual Opinion Graph at Users' Fingertips

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwired - Apr 30, 2014) - Squerb (, inventors of the first multi-dimensional online opinion graph, announced today the official launch of Squerb for iOS7, giving users the easiest and coolest way for mobile users to express themselves on any topic from their iPhone or iPad with a few taps. Mobile users can now 'squerb' nearly any conceivable category, from restaurants and current events, to niche interests, favorite brands and sports teams. Squerb for iOS7 recreates for mobile Squerb's simple visual opinion graph, made up of axes of 'Intelligence' and 'Emotion' and a near-endless grid of intermediate values, putting Squerb's instant opinion expression and insight into directly users' hands.

"Squerb's mission is to visually collect the world's opinions and make them accessible in disruptively simple ways," says Chris Biscoe, CEO and Founder of Squerb. "By leveraging Apple's mobile platform, we are much closer to fulfilling this mission, re-framing our opinions about the world to include the deeper dimensions of 'Why' and 'How' from anywhere. With Squerb for iOS7, we place the web's best sentiment engine into the palm of our users' hands," says Biscoe.

Squerb for iOS7 preserves Squerb's unique multi-aspect nature, allowing users to love one aspect of a topic, for example, the food at a restaurant, but think another aspect, say the service, was 'disappointing.'  "The app's visually social nature allows users to immediately understand what their followers and friends also think of the same topic," added Biscoe.

Other highlights of the Squerb iOS app include the ability to:

  • Rapidly squerb a thought, a picture, or even a restaurant from anywhere
  • Browse other users' squerbs, and comment and interact with those squerbs
  • Use the device's location services to easily find businesses nearby
  • Keep up with your following networks' squerbs, SquerbPoints, comments and 'likes' while on the go
  • Easily share out your favorite squerbs to Facebook and Twitter
  • Keep track of voting for your favorite '' contestants

"Brand marketers, content creators and digital publishers are thrilled that 'permission marketing' is evolving beyond 1-5 stars and 'likes' with the launch of our mobile software, as a new depth of user opinion becomes immediately accessible through Squerb's unique visual graph. It's our users that drive our platform, so their shared opinions of companies and brands on Squerb create a new way to engage and communicate with your customers. Any Squerb about a product immediately highlights what aspects of the product merited positive feedback, and which received more negative feedback," added Biscoe.

Squerb's sentiment engine on mobile reframes the relationship between storefronts and digital customers. "Our users are able express their opinions from anywhere, about anything, with the assurance that their thoughts and views are seen, thus creating amazing engagement opportunities between people and the brands they admire. We believe in honest 'big data,' where the central belief is that it is the creators of data who control how it is used," added Biscoe.

The Squerb iOS app is now available for free download in the iTunes store.

About Squerb
Squerb is a next-generation opinion graph that greatly improves the way we create and share our opinions and curate our online existence. Instead of losing our voice in the noise of the web, users plot opinions next to others' on an easy-to-use, visual scale, ensuring that each user's voice is also "seen." Squerb has been in public beta since launching at SXSW last March. Users can explore or follow squerbs in dozens of categories such as movies, bands, news articles, local restaurants, and many more. Data learned from products and services on Squerb offers unique insights into what is being said about ideas, people, brands and products, and along with why and how it is being said. Squerb is free to use for individuals to create and share their opinions on any topic.

Compatible with desktop, the mobile web, and now iOS devices, the platform also allows sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Squerb also has an API available for publishers interested in embedding the Squerb Opinion Graph into existing websites. For more information, please visit

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