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June 25, 2008 13:39 ET

Social Release -- Noodles & Company Has People Shouting 'More Vegetables Please!'

BROOMFIELD, CO--(Marketwire - June 25, 2008) - Every parent has heard the phrase from their child, "but I don't want to eat my vegetables," and deep down we can all relate. Noodles & Company, the quick-casual, globally inspired noodle restaurant, believes you can have your cake and eat it too -- or in this case, yes you can have a delicious and nourishing meal when dining at home or dining out. To spread the word and ease the plight of vegetable-resistant, balance-challenged people of all ages, the company has launched its new "You Are What You Eat" campaign.


-- Noodles & Company's "You Are What You Eat" campaign providing guests with recommendations on what to order if you are watching calories, fat, sodium or carbs

-- The campaign is being supported by in-restaurant materials and online information including surprising facts such as:

--  Noodles & Company serves 19 fresh veggies on its menu
--  Noodles & Company will customize your dish just the way you like it by
    adding a protein or adding, subtracting or substituting veggies, cheeses or
--  Noodles & Company has 17 dishes with 400 calories or less
--  Noodles & Company has 11 choices with 10g of fat or less
--  There are 0g of artificial trans fat at Noodles & Company
--  You can substitute Noodles & Company's regular whole grain linguine
    and add 20g of fiber to any dish
--  Sixteen of Noodles & Company dishes are vegetarian friendly

-- Most people know that the USDA recommends adults and children should have three to five servings of vegetables every day

-- Noodles & Company Executive Chef Ross Kamens and Registered Dietitian Rebekah Spetnagel with On The Menu, LLC, a nutrition consulting firm for the food industry, believe you don't have to reach this quota by choosing bland, repetitive meals with the same steamed vegetable side dish

-- They recommend a number of simple yet high-impact tips to convert your entire family into vegetable lovers -- or at least vegetable likers -- such as:

--  Ideally, veggie education should begin at an early age, but it's never
    too late to convert. So get everyone involved in creating a family garden.
    The transformation from seed to vegetable is fascinating to children in
    particular, but the whole family will take pride in the outcome
--  Start with foods kids and adults are already familiar with like
    noodles, pasta and soup -- you can sneak in veggies far more easily. This
    also works well with pizza or quesadillas
--  Allow children to participate in meal preparation. Kids love to help
    in the kitchen, by associating vegetables with fun, family time, you will
    increase their interest in the end product
--  Adults must set the example. Include veggies in every meal -- whether
    at home or dining out

-- In recognition of Noodles & Company commitment to health and nutrition, Health magazine, one of the country's foremost publications on improving health, honored Noodles & Company with the number-one spot on its new list, "America's Healthiest Fast-Food Restaurants"


"Four years ago we began posting our nutritional information at because helping our guests make informed choices is one of our greatest priorities," said Ross Kamens, executive chef at Noodles & Company.


Colorado-based Noodles & Company was founded in 1995 and is the world's first quick-casual, globally inspired noodle restaurant. From healthy to indulgent and spicy to comforting, Noodles & Company's menu features Asian, Mediterranean and American inspired noodle dishes, soups and salads.

At Noodles & Company, there are no freezers, no microwaves, and no can openers. Instead, we seek to nourish and inspire our guests with a balanced and craveable menu made with fresh and wholesome ingredients. Every bowl is prepared to order with only the best noodles and pasta, fresh vegetables, authentic herbs and spices, artisan sauces and grilled chicken, beef, shrimp or organic tofu.

Noodles & Company is a tip-free zone and is open seven days a week in more than 180 locations in 17 states. To view a menu and nutritional information, find a location or see what else is going on in Noodleville, visit

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