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Social Security Solutions, Inc.

February 06, 2014 14:26 ET

Social Security Solutions Announces New Advice in Social Security Claiming Strategies

LEAWOOD, KS--(Marketwired - Feb 6, 2014) - Social Security Solutions, Inc., the creators of the ground breaking SSAnalyzer ( and the recognized experts in Social Security claiming strategies, has new advice around Social Security claiming to mitigate the biggest risk in financial planning -- longevity.

Social Security is vital to retirement income, and when to claim is one of the most important financial decisions a retiree will make. Financial professionals have been advising clients toward a simple claiming strategy that only considers a single mortality point. But advances in healthcare have increased life expectancy significantly, leaving some retirees unprepared to fund their retirement past what was once considered a safe mortality assumption.

"The importance of longevity is huge, and financial advisors have been doing it wrong," says William Meyer, founder and managing principal of Social Security Solutions. "We've found that advisors struggle to evaluate multiple claiming strategies because of the complexities of Social Security. But without a thorough, holistic approach that incorporates the right claiming strategy, retirees are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table -- money that is crucial to living a well-planned retirement." Meyer continues, "No one can predict the precise time they are going to die, but the right claiming strategy should consider the financial consequences if a person lives even a little longer, or a little less, than anticipated. By looking at different mortality combinations, or zones, advisors can show their clients the point in time when one strategy is no longer optimal and a new strategy is."

The SSAnalyzer was created for financial professionals based on research published in the Journal of Financial Planning. The SSAnalyzer, features the Social Security Zone™, an innovative method for looking across mortality combinations to determine the ideal Social Security claiming strategy. It includes an interactive map that illustrates how a strategy performs across each zone, allowing the advisor to visually show clients how the suitability of a strategy can change, empowering them to choose the best strategy across multiple mortality combinations.

"This revolutionary way of selecting a claiming strategy will change the way financial professionals look at retirement planning," says Dr. Reichenstein, principal and Head of Research at Social Security Solutions. "Our innovative software equips financial professionals with the right tools to give quality advice and build a solid plan to hedge the longevity risk in their client's retirement."

Social Security Solutions continues to release enhancements and functionality within their software, the SSAnalyzer, rendering it the most powerful and easiest-to-use Social Security claiming tool available for financial professionals. Financial professionals that are interested in a free trial of the software can request one by visiting their website, or call 866-762-PLAN, ext. 20.

Headquartered in Leawood, KS, Social Security Solutions, Inc. ( delivers advice and education about Social Security retirement benefit claiming strategies to consumers and practitioners. Social Security Solutions, Inc. leverages its expertise, research and technology to help clients determine the best strategy for collecting benefits in line with their overall retirement goals.

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