December 09, 2011 08:31 ET

Social Voice Arrives With Launch of QWiPS iPhone App

Voice Joins Text, Photo and Video as Consumer Options for Self-Expression Anywhere on the Web or Mobile Devices

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Dec 9, 2011) - Social Voice™ platform QWiPS (, today announced the launch of the company's iOS app -- now available in the Apple iTunes store. The QWiPS app gives users a powerful but simple new tool for self-expression across the social and mobile web: their own voices.

The tagging, liking and sharing of content via the social web is exploding, with Facebook alone seeing more than 4 billion shares every day. Most of the content being shared is in the form of static, monotone text and images. What's missing is the emotion personality, and authenticity that voice can add, like it does to everyday real-world interactions. QWiPS changes that forever. Click. Speak. Send. That's all it takes to record a 30-second Qwip and share it anywhere and everywhere online. Hello Social Voice.

The QWiPS app enhances the social experience in a variety of ways, including:

PhotoQwips™ - Billions of photos are shared each month. Many have text captions. The QWiPS app now does one better and lets users voice caption their photos, telling the rich stories behind them, and instantly share those voice captioned photos via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS.

QwipBacks™ - Being social is a two way street; a bi-directional conversation. QWiPS' patent-pending QwipBacks™ lets users respond in their voice to any individual Qwip, creating a threaded, asynchronous voice conversation that can be shared across the web.

Filters and Effects - Increasingly individuals like to add a personal stamp to any content they share. Building on this trend, and similar to Instagram but for voice, the QWiPS app allows user to apply a variety of fun, free filters and effects, including an auto tuner, themed background images, animations, frames, and ambient sounds.

For instance, during the holiday season users can record their voices and add a selection from the app's library of holiday images and sounds to create personalized, customized eGreetings that can be shared with family and friends. These voice-enabled eCards build upon the success Hallmark and American Greetings have had with voice recordable physical cards.

"With the launch of the QWiPS app, one of the most powerful tools for self-expression in real life -- our voices -- is finally available for the masses to integrate into their digital lives," said Jeffrey Stier, President and founder, QWiPS.

Because of its ability to add emotional value and authenticity to social interactions, the QWiPS app offers a powerful marketing tool for celebrities, brands, marketers and publishers. For example, QWiPS allows celebrities to create more intimate, personal connections with their fans by sharing real-time voice content via existing social channels.

"Savvy celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and MC Hammer have embraced social media tools to interact with their fans. QWiPS gives celebrities an entirely fresh and innovative way to authentically connect with those fans: their voice," said Peter Grossman, CEO, QWiPS. "QWiPS also allows celebrities to generate incremental revenue by selling premium voice content like never-before-heard stories, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, exclusive voice diaries, voice liner notes and more."

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About QWiPS
QWiPS is an open platform for effortlessly creating and sharing short-form voice content anywhere on the web and mobile devices. QWiPs allows consumers to create and share meaningful and personalized stories and anecdotes. QWiPS helps brands and publishers of all shapes and sizes better connect and engage with their audiences thought the integration of voice into all things digital (websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, SMS, emails, photos, etc.) in a way that is interactive, shareable and trackable. For more information visit

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