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January 27, 2010 06:30 ET

Socket Mobile Releases 'Simple-to-Use' 2D Cordless Barcode Scanners

The Socket Bluetooth® Cordless Hand Scanner™ 7X and 7XRx Are the Smallest, Most Powerful Scanners on the Market, Rounding Off the Popular Series 7 Product Line

NEWARK, CA--(Marketwire - January 27, 2010) - Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), an innovative provider of mobile productivity solutions, today announced the availability of its newest two-dimensional (2D) barcode scanners -- the Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) 7X and an antimicrobial version, the CHS 7XRx.

"Our 2D cordless barcode scanners are lightweight and extremely compact in size; design efforts were focused on creating a state-of-the-art, portable barcode scanning solution that fits a diverse set of application requirements," said Samantha Chu, data collection product manager at Socket Mobile. "We achieved our goal of providing the user with an ergonomic form-factor that fits comfortably in the hand. There's currently no other 2D scanner like it on the market."

"The CHS 7X and 7XRx employ a number of innovative and new design features including support for the Bluetooth Human Interface Device (HID) Profile. This means installation is 'plug-and-play,' just like a cordless keyboard, and the need to install barcode scanning software on the host computing platform is eliminated. There is also a built-in tactile vibration mode that confirms successful scans and wireless data transfer, which is particularly useful in high ambient noise environments," said Chu.

The Socket Bluetooth CHS 7X is the standard version of the 2D barcode scanner. It is designed for use with business mobility software applications in hospitality, retail and the public sector such as asset tracking, field service and inventory control.

The Socket Bluetooth CHS 7XRx is designed for use in healthcare applications such as scanning patient wristbands for identification purposes and reading medications imprinted with 2D barcodes. The Socket Bluetooth CHS 7XRx incorporates everything the standard version has plus the added benefit of an antimicrobial casing, which is essential in healthcare settings in that it provides significant protection to the devices against the multiplication and spread of potentially harmful bacteria and microbes.

Both 2D barcode scanners cordlessly interface with a variety of Bluetooth devices including the Socket SoMo® 650 handheld computer, laptops, tablet and desktop PCs, as well as many other mobile PDAs and smart phones. The ergonomic design and long battery life of the CHS ensure the device is easy to carry and comfortable to use over extended periods, and allows multi-shift operation on a single charge.

"This barcode scanner is a game changer," said Chuck Furedy, Sr. vice president of worldwide sales at Socket Mobile. "2D barcodes have been around since the late 1980s, but only in the last few years have we seen vast improvements in the imaging technology used to create and read these barcodes. With many of the practical and functional limitations of 2D technology behind us, 2D applications are becoming a significant portion of the market, and I believe we're at the turning point where image-based readers, such as the CHS 7X, will become the technology of choice in many of the vertical markets historically served by laser-based solutions alone."

Because 2D barcodes make use of the vertical dimension to increase the data density within the symbology, they are able to hold more information than conventional 1D linear barcodes. Some examples of the type of information commonly converted into 2D barcodes are website URLs, personal contact information, text messages and product information. Recent usage trends for 2D barcodes include smart phone applications used to display e-tickets for airlines and electronic coupons and payments in retail.

Features and Benefits:

--  Bluetooth HID Profile support -- easy to set-up and use right out of 
    the box with no additional software required 
--  Tactile vibration recognition -- feel when you have a successful 
    scan, even in high-noise environments
--  Omni-directional barcode scanning -- read traditional 1D linear, 
    stacked and 2D matrix symbologies from any angle or direction
--  Standard (CHS 7X) and antimicrobial (CHS 7XRx) versions available
--  Provides data editing features with special barcodes
--  Ruggedized case withstands multiple 5 ft. (1.5 m) drops, and is dust, 
    shock and water resistant
--  CMOS high-density imaging technology
--  Bluetooth v2.1 with 330 ft (100 m) range; decode distance 1.5 to 10.5 
    inches (3.8 to 27 cm)
--  Operates for 10 hours on a single charge

Pricing and Availability:

Both versions of the CHS are available now:

--  Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner 7X; MSRP starting at $650 and 
    EUR 493
--  Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner 7XRx; MSRP starting at $685 
    and EUR 518

Additional versions of the CHS 7X and CHS 7XRx that includes SocketScan™ Software are planned for release in early Q2 2010.

To purchase or for demo requests, contact a Socket Mobile sales representative.

For more information visit the Socket Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner Series 7 website. To see the product in use, view the Socket CHS 7X demo video, and to learn more about 2D barcodes read our white paper: All About 2D Barcodes.

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