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December 10, 2013 07:00 ET

Sococo's Virtual Office Eliminates the Need for Disparate Collaboration Tools and Creates a Strong Culture for Distributed Teams

New Capabilities Enable Organizations to Easily Move Their Workplaces to the Cloud

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 10, 2013) -  Sococo today announced enhancements to its industry-defining virtual office, which allows any company to move its physical workplace to the cloud. These new features can extend or replace traditional corporate environments; they include access to your virtual office via a browser, telephony integration, improved mobile apps and a pricing plan that makes the virtual office accessible to organizations of any size.

Sococo brings teams together in a rich, immersive, virtual office where they can see each other and work together all day as if they were in the same physical place. Teams, departments or entire companies that work together on information-intensive tasks requiring a high degree of both formal and informal communication are ideally suited for Sococo's solution. For example, geographically distributed teams, teams in multiple physical offices, team members who work from home, teams spread out across a physical (often large) corporate campus, or companies that interact with partners, suppliers or customers in different locations will all benefit from Sococo's solution.

Sococo is providing several new features and pricing options that allow organizations to either extend or replace their physical offices. These include:

  • The ability to seamlessly invite guests into a virtual office without requiring them to download anything:
    • A new browser-based Guest Access feature allows Sococo users to host customers, partners or anyone else who is not a permanent member of the space. Once in, guests can view shared content, converse with members of the team and chat using instant-messaging tools. Guests gain instant access to all of these benefits without having to install anything on their devices.

  • A new pricing model that allows organizations of all sizes to get up and running quickly:
    • The Starter Plan - Offered for free for one to six employees. Provides one conference room and one break-out room.
    • The Plus Plan - Offered at $79 per month based on annual billing. Provides two conference rooms for up to 10 employees and 10 private offices. The plan supports unlimited guests with the ability to dial out to any phone number.
    • The Pro Plan - Offered at $199 per month based on annual billing. Provides the same benefits as the Plus Plan plus one large conference room to host up to 20 guests and members as well as 20 private offices and a lobby.
    • The Unlimited Plan - Offered on a per-user basis to companies that need to accommodate more than 20 employees. Provides the ability to develop an entire virtual campus to support a distributed team of any size.

  • Availability of a new iPhone application that delivers increased support for the mobile workforce:
    • Users can easily access Sococo through a new iPhone application; the company provides existing support for the iPad.

  • Integration of traditional telephone and cloud-based services:
    • A point-and-click function in each Sococo office or conference room allows internal team members to connect without a phone call or to call out to external collaborators.
    • Users now have the ability to integrate directly with cloud-based services such as Box, Google docs and Jira.

  • Innovative features that make Sococo look and feel like a physical workplace:
    • Doors can be closed, requiring visitors to "knock" in order to gain access.
    • With the Unlimited Plan, companies can choose from multiple floor plans or create their own.

"We were looking for a solution that allowed us to better engage employees, regardless of their location. Sococo met this objective by allowing us to work together efficiently and maintain a sense of company culture even when team members were remote," said Melissa Gordon, chief operations officer, Katana Software. "We started to see immediate benefits once the team embraced Sococo. There was a noticeable and measurable improvement in attitude, and our productivity reached incredible heights due to the open line of communications and insight that Sococo delivers."

Many of Sococo's early customers range from small to mid-sized technology companies to departments and divisions of large organizations working on product development, service development, operations and help desk/support. Organizations that have adopted Sococo benefit from decreased costs by extending their physical offices into the cloud. This capability becomes particularly important as commercial real estate costs soar. The price of an office per square foot can be as high as $60 to $70 annually in top markets like San Francisco, which makes it difficult to cost-effectively support business growth. Also, by integrating multiple disparate tools that are typically sold separately -- such as instant messaging, video conferencing and screen sharing -- Sococo meets the dynamic needs of a team, department or entire company without a time-consuming and complex installation process. Nor do users have to keep up with maintenance fees.

"Development and operations teams communicate constantly. A typical day is peppered with informal, ad-hoc collaboration in addition to the scheduled planning, design and review meetings. Many of our customers work across multiple locations or have one or many staff members working remotely," said Paul Brody, CEO of Sococo. "Some have turned to outsourcing, others recruit from all over the world, while others have grown via acquisition and have employees scattered across locales. As teams become more distributed, they turn to Sococo to allow them to work as efficiently and productively as if they were physically together."

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