Socrata, Inc.

Socrata, Inc.

October 02, 2012 08:00 ET

Socrata Introduces API Foundry and Ushers in the Era of API-Enabled Data Ecosystems

With Socrata API Foundry™ a business analyst can create, customize and deploy a fully-documented application programming interface (API) in minutes, from virtually any data source

Developer adoption is greatly enhanced with SODA 2.0, the next generation Socrata Open Data API, featuring fully-expressive query semantics

Government organizations will eliminate friction in implementing an API-first digital strategy with unprecedented speed, cost savings and ease of use

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON--(Marketwire - Oct. 2, 2012) - Socrata, the Data Experience Company™, today announced the general availability of Socrata API Foundry™, an API modeling and management environment for mass-producing open, standards-based, developer-ready APIs. With Socrata API Foundry™, a business analyst can create, customize and a deploy a fully-documented API in minutes, from virtually any data source. For the first time ever, data-savvy organizations will be able to rapidly and cost-effectively modernize their information infrastructure and unlock ubiquitous data access by mobile devices, developer apps and enterprise systems internally, or in partner organizations.

APIs make real-time machine-to-machine communication and data exchange possible. As Open Data gains mainstream adoption at every level of government around the world, public sector organizations are increasingly looking to participate in data ecosystems, and drive adoption of their data as fuel for innovation. "We're ushering in the next generation of Open Data - the Open Data Ecosystem - by engineering the complexity and cost out of the mass-production of open, standards-based APIs, as the lingua franca for government data," said Kevin Merritt, Socrata's Founder and CEO.

"Our customers tell us that it can cost up to $100,000 and take months to custom-develop and operationalize a single API. We invented Socrata API Foundry to remove that friction and help them accelerate their digital roadmap, in order to modernize the way data is used within government, in downstream mobile and web applications, and in popular internet services like Yelp and Google Maps."

Unprecedented Speed, Cost savings and Ease of Use

Socrata API Foundry™ provides end-to-end simplicity, empowering business analysts to:

- Use an intuitive wizard interface to create, customize and deploy an API in minutes. All API documentation is dynamically generated on the fly and automatically published to a /developer page on the organization's site.

- Maintain control and flexibility by creating multiple API endpoints for the same data, and optimizing each for its own access and workload patterns.

- Use Socrata's direct-to-cloud technology to transform virtually any data source into an API.

- Leverage Socrata's elastic cloud-based environment and enterprise-class SLAs to eliminate infrastructure hassles and scale with growing demand.

Developer-ready APIs Combine the Best of REST and SQL

Concurrent with API Foundry, Socrata is also releasing SODA 2.0, its next-generation Open, Standards-based REST API, featuring a powerful SQL-like expressive query language that developers will find easy to use and very familiar.

"With this release, we've extended SODA to include an API built with web and mobile applications in mind," said Will Pugh, Socrata's new CTO. "SODA 2 combines the best of SQL and REST. We provide an interface that is easy to access from a browser, CURL or any modern programming language. Functionally, we created a query language that allows applications to sort, filter and aggregate data in the common ways needed to build a rich and responsive end user data experience."

Every API created with Socrata API Foundry™ automatically includes SODA 2.0 along with the following developer-oriented features:

- An API catalog that can be explored online or federated to other sites

- Automatically generated /develop page that contains customizable dynamic documentation, an interactive console, a query builder, and helpful client code samples.

- Full technical support and access to a vibrant and growing developer community

Availability and Additional Resources

Socrata API Foundry™ is generally available now. Pricing varies based on the number of APIs and provisioned API session capacity. For more information, watch this 7-minute video demonstration of API Foundry on, or contact your Socrata sales representative.

To experience the /developer environment and SODA 2.0, try any of the demo APIs on this page.

About Socrata

Socrata develops and provides Intelligent Data Experience solutions - including our market-leading Open Data Cloud™- to help data-savvy organizations unlock their data, to transform the way they share information, deliver digital services, make data-driven decisions, and benefit from innovations in modern data ecosystems.

The Socrata Data Experience Platform™ optimizes the entire data lifecycle, from capture and collection, to distribution and consumption on the web, mobile and via APIs. Socrata customers are able to cost-effectively virtualize large and diverse data assets in the Socrata cloud, then easily surface that data as accessible information experiences, optimized for a wide range of user contexts.

Socrata customers include the world's most innovative cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York; progressive states like Oregon, Illinois, Maryland and Colorado; and forward-thinking federal agencies like Medicare, EnergyStar, SAMHSA and GSA ( Internationally, Socrata powers leading Open Data programs at the World Bank, the United Nations, the government of Kenya, as well as in Italy and Australia.

Socrata is a private company, based in Seattle, Washington, with venture financing from Frazier Technology Ventures and Morgenthaler Ventures. To learn more about Socrata, visit

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