March 30, 2007 10:58 ET

SoftJin Advances OpenAccess Database Usability and Interoperability With Bi-Directional OpenAccess to OASIS Translator

SANTA CLARA, CA and BANGALORE, INDIA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 30, 2007 -- SoftJin, a customized EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tool development company, announces the immediate availability of a Bi-directional OpenAccess to OASIS Translator.

The OpenAccess Applications Programming Interface (API) and reference database is fast becoming the database of choice for today's IC design and enables interoperability between various EDA tools. At the same time, OASIS is the emerging standard for layout and mask IC data representation. It is gaining significant popularity over the current GDSII format because OASIS files are typically 10-25X smaller than comparable GDSII files.

In the chasm between design and manufacturing, an entire new generation of EDA tools is emerging to address the domain of Design-For-Manufacturing (DFM). In order to take maximal advantage of the best each domain has to offer, it is best for these two data formats to co-exist, and not have to incur huge penalties for to-and-fro translation.

SoftJin's Bi-directional OpenAccess to OASIS Translator enables direct conversion of design files from the OpenAccess database to OASIS and OASIS back to OpenAccess, without going through any intermediate format. As a result, it helps customers cut conversion time by over half and minimizes storage space. For example, with the Translator, users can avoid converting from the OpenAccess database format to the GDSII format and then to the OASIS format or from the OASIS format to the GDSII format and then to the OpenAccess format before they use the data with their existing tools. Intermediate GDSII conversions add to the conversion time and can cause the data size to explode by more than an order of magnitude or more. Apart from this, the process of translation through intermediate GDSII format may cause loss of information during the translation process as GDSII does not support some of the features available both in OASIS and OpenAccess.

"We are experienced in working with the OpenAccess and OASIS data formats, and are offering the Translator to accelerate their adoption," remarked Nachiket Urdhwareshe, CEO of SoftJin. "Our Translator provides the ability to take advantage of best-in-class data representations in their respective domains, and enhances our portfolio of EDA building blocks for technology components."

"We are very glad to see companies such as SoftJin step up and provide necessary technology components such as this bidirectional Translator as a way to enhance the OpenAccess database usability and interoperability, and to accelerate adoption," added Steve Schulz, president and CEO, Si2.

Translator Features

The Translator chooses the most efficient data representation for each of the formats during translation process, thus resulting in smaller design file size. A built-in validation scheme allows users to gain confidence in the correctness of translation process. The ability to quantize curves (like arcs and ellipses) with user-controlled parameters allows users to approximate data in translated format for the set of constructs that is not supported in both formats.


Translator users include tool developers in the DFM area as well as in semiconductor companies with in-house CAD organizations, who are routinely tasked with writing these kinds of translators. By using this technology as an EDA component, EDA tool developers can very easily augment their portfolio of supported data formats, and integrate them into their tool offerings with only integration testing.

IC designers who are dealing with design data in the OpenAccess format and layout and mask data in the OASIS format also use the Translator for more efficient and direct conversion between these formats.

Price and Availability

The Translator is available for immediate delivery. Perpetual licenses start at $8,000.00 (USD). Multi-copy license discounts are available based on the number of licenses. Distribution licenses are also available for integrating and distributing the Translator with other tools.

About SoftJin

SoftJin Technologies Pvt. Ltd. develops customized EDA tools for the specific requirements of semiconductor and EDA companies using a combination of EDA software development services and re-usable building blocks. SoftJin's customized EDA software development approach offers the advantages of enhanced EDA software capability, flexible capacity and cost savings to customers. Last year (August 2006) SoftJin was chosen as one of the top 100 private companies in Asia that play a leading role in innovation and technology by Red Herring magazine. More information is available at

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GDSII: Graphic Data System II, IC layout data exchange format

OASIS: Open Artwork System Interchange Standard, IC Layout and Mask data format

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