SOURCE: Sohoware, Inc.

November 28, 2006 18:04 ET

SOHOware Integrated Wireless MDU/MTU Solutions Are Gaining Mainstream Wireless VAR/ISP Adoption

Delivers Superior Value to Channel Partners Through "Modular Customization" and On-Demand Direct-to-VAR Support

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 28, 2006 -- SOHOware, Inc., a Wireless LAN pioneer and a key vendor of Business Wireless Networking recognized by prestigious WLAN market research firms such as In-stat, announces that its Integrated Wireless MDU/MTU Solutions launched in January 2006 have received a rapid mainstream adoption due to an innovative "Modular Customization" and an outstanding On-Demand Direct-to-VAR support.

Modular Customization, a revolutionary business concept first proposed by Dr. Steve Haeckel, an ex-IBM business scientist credited for the creation of the "Sense-and-Respond" managerial framework, helps businesses cultivate a customer-centric business environment. WLAN vendors' traditional "tech-centric Make-and-Sell" Push type model is frustrating wireless VARs and ISPs. Replacing this is the new Sense-and-Respond "Customer-Centric" Pull-oriented model that seeks to strike a balance between economies of full customization and mass production.

SOHOware's OACIS Wireless Networking Open Architecture and the accompanying Wireless solutions portfolio adhere to the Modular Customization principles. The portfolio consists of three interoperable subsystems: Wireless Access, Wireless Subscriber Management and Wireless Security. Each subsystem encompasses models optimized for different scale of deployment.

SOHOware's Business Wireless solutions include AeroGuard with its superior MIMO RF performance and embedded WLAN Switch for centralized WLAN management, the AeroExtend for outdoor Wireless Bridge/AP and AeroMesh for VoWiFi, tailored to match price and performance considerations. The AeroGate enables management of subscribers in hotspots, large hotels and MDU/MTU complexes. The BroadScan Wireless Security family consists of SCN200, SCL1200, SCL2000, and SCL3000 that secure the wireless environment.

Ashok Kumar, SOHOware's VP of Business Development, stated, "Only through an organic VAR-Direct channel partnership and modular customization can we both provide the best value to the Business Wireless Networking market where traditional suppliers may find the demand of a sense-and-respond model too tenuous."

About SOHOware

SOHOware provides easy to use, high performance and affordable business wireless networking solutions that conform to OACIS open architecture through a Partner-Centric channel model for SMB and Small to Medium Service Provider (SMSP) markets, hospitality, MTU/MDU property, and campus networks. The solutions include:

--  AeroMesh indoor / outdoor Wireless Mesh
--  AeroGuard MIMO wireless
--  AeroExtend outdoor wireless
--  AeroGate subscriber manager
--  BroadScan UTM security appliances
--  BroadTalX VoWiFi SIP Server

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