SOURCE: Sohoware, Inc.

March 17, 2006 21:43 ET

SOHOware Launches BroadTalX™ VoIP Solution for SMB

VoIP IP-PBX and SIP Phone Specifically Target Growing SMB Market

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 17, 2006 -- SOHOware, an integrated wireless systems pioneer, announces BroadTalX™, a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution for small and medium business (SMB). BroadTalX™ consists of a central IP-PBX and SIP phone, plus integration support for legacy analog systems and Power over Ethernet (PoE). The complete solution allows SOHOware's VAR and Service Provider partners to offer a fully functional IP telephony system targeting a business with fewer than 200 extensions, yet easily scales up to 800 extensions. Until now, the availability of VoIP solutions has either been complex and proprietary Enterprise systems or retail-grade gateways lacking scalability and legacy support. Both are costly and ineffective options for SMB. BroadTalX™ has the flexibility and scalability of Enterprise systems in a more cost effective and simple to manage platform.

"We know we'll get the attention and support we need from SOHOware that we simply do not get from the big guys," says Mikael Chambon of SRS Consulting, a SOHOware reseller. Mikael states further, "A VoIP solution directed at our small business customers is going to be a key factor in our business growth for 2006."

At the core of BroadTalX™ is the VIP2000, a VoIP IP-PBX providing centralized PBX functions that stands alone or integrates with an existing analog system. Each IP-PBX supports up to 200 extensions and 50 concurrent calls, and is stackable to scale the network up to 800 extensions. PBX features include a fully configurable auto-attendant to transfer, forward, and conference calls, plus set up virtual meeting rooms, store voice mail and integrate Email. The 1U appliance includes four FXO ports with additional expansion to integrate analog PBX systems and provide direct links to local PSTN networks.

The VIP200 SIP phone compliments the IP-PBX with intuitive Web-based setup supporting greater mobility and productivity demanded by today's business user. The IP phone can be automatically configured from the IP-PBX. Voice quality is managed for control of jitter, echo and other acoustic distortions, and includes features for hands free dialing, speed dialing, follow-me forwarding and PBX integration. Besides the central office, the BroadTalX™ SIP phone can deploy at a home office or branch location and connect to the IP-PBX globally over the Internet. Installation is made easier with support for PoE, and by a direct PC interface that allows the phone to use an existing office Ethernet port.

BroadTalX™ enables a global presence by unifying multiple office sites into one virtual telephony network, and by providing cost effective access to local PSTN. Users simply dial an extension to reach other users worldwide. Businesses may use one centrally located or multiple IP-PBX units distributed globally to support the desired number of extensions. "When combined with an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), like Vonage, a business can use BroadTalX™ to establish local market access, which replaces long distance toll costs with a local PSTN charge for both inbound and outbound calls," says Mike Mo, VP of Engineering for SOHOware. "Even mobile users who access their regional office IP-PBX can communicate globally for the cost of a local call," says Mo.

About SOHOware

SOHOware provides BroadTalX™ and other integrated networking solutions that conform to OACIS™ open architecture through a Partner-Direct channel model for SMB, hospitality and MTU property networks. SOHOware solutions offer innovative, business-class features combining the performance, ease of use, and affordability demanded by the growing SMB and Small to Medium Service Provider (SMSP) markets. Other OACIS™ portfolio solutions include:

--  AeroGuard™ MIMO wireless technology access points
--  AeroGate™ access service gateways for public network access
--  AeroExtend™ PMP outdoor wireless AP -- Bridge
--  BroadScan™ UTM security appliances
--  BroadLink™ multi-homing load balancers

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