March 19, 2008 14:30 ET

Solae Announces Soy Lecithin Price Increases

ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwire - March 19, 2008) - Solae today announced price increases on many of its lecithin products effective April 1.

"Petroleum and energy prices, coupled with rising agricultural commodity prices, have created an environment that requires increases in the selling prices of many of our lecithin products," said Jack Self, Solae global business director, Lecithin. "We have delayed these increases for as long as possible, but increases in input costs throughout the supply chain require that we implement these increases effective April 1."

Solae is a world leader in the production and selling of lecithin products, especially upgraded fluids and de-oiled lecithin products. Solae lecithins provide important surface-active properties to a variety of foods, such as instant drink mixes, infant formulas, meat sauces and gravies, dispersible oleoresins, pan releases, chewing gum and no-fat bakery and snack foods.

Solae is the world leader in developing innovative soy-based technology to the food, meat and nutritional products industries. Solae provides solutions that deliver a unique combination of functional, nutritional and economic benefits to our customers.

At Solae, the journey to innovation begins with nature. We take one of nature's best resources, the soybean, and create nutritious and great-tasting ingredients. Our goal is to provide solutions for today while innovating for tomorrow. With more than 1,000 products used by more than 3,500 customers, Solae's soy ingredients are enjoyed by consumers around the world in products such as baked goods, beverages, nutrition bars, meats, vegetarian meals and much more.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, with annual revenue exceeding $1 billion, the company was formed through an alliance between Bunge Limited (NYSE: BG) and DuPont (NYSE: DD). For more information, visit

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