February 08, 2011 09:08 ET

Solar Cell Production Capacity Has More Than Doubled in the Last Year

ROCKVILLE, MD--(Marketwire - February 8, 2011) - has announced the addition of Fuji-Keizai USA, Inc.'s new report "2011 Edition: Worldwide Solar Cell Manufacturing Facilities and Production Capacity 2010-2015" to their collection of Energy market reports. For more information, visit

The political will, public awareness, and government incentives to support solar worldwide has changed the phase of the solar industry.

Europe, USA and Japan have been the primary sources of demand for the solar. The solar cell production capacity has more than doubled in the last one year or so. This trend is mainly driven by China. Governments in the US, Germany, China and Japan have played a major role in making solar industry one of the fastest growing energy technology industries in the world. China and Germany have emerged from the 2008-09 financial crises as the global leaders in solar.

The market for solar installation is still dominated by Germany, the United States and Japan. The Chinese market for solar remains small, hence most of the solar cells and modules are exported to other countries worldwide. The Chinese makers have slowly started catering to the domestic market too. The easy financing from the Chinese Government has helped many manufacturers to expand into the solar supply chain becoming vertically integrated companies. Overproduction in China has brought down the prices of solar cells worldwide. The low prices of solar cells have made manufacturers in other parts of the world difficult to complete. Overall, the government in China has played a pivotal role in increasing the solar wafer and cell production capacity within China and lowering the prices.

This report gives an overview of the activities of major solar wafer and cell manufacturers around the world. It contains in-depth profiles of 78 solar wafer and cell manufacturers, covering all the major solar cell technologies, including 17 companies manufacturing thin-film amorphous solar cells and 11 companies manufacturing CdTe and CIGS technology solar cells. This report includes solar cell manufacturers' current production capacity, future production capacities, their plant locations, market size, market share, top 10 manufacturers and a forecast for 2015.

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