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April 20, 2005 14:01 ET

Solar Photovoltaic... One of the Fastest Growing Forms of Renewable Energy for Power Generation

NORTH ADAMS, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 20, 2005 -- "Until recently, the commercial energy world regarded renewable energy as a very small niche market. Some of the big energy players dabbed in it and most of them withdrew, leaving the field to smaller specialist companies. That has changed and the global energy leaders are back in the renewable market." - ABS Energy

The solar photovoltaics market is a powerful and growing niche market. It is modular, with large applications such as grid connected generators and in small personal units of equipment such as calculators or wristwatches.

SPV 2005 (, a new report by ABS Energy, outlines the technology and the industry, with the applications of solar photovoltaics. Market sizes and future projections are provided, together with a breakdown of grid-connected and non-grid use, distributed generation, details of markets and production. Production is analyzed by country and technology (single and poly cell silicon crystal, thin film and concentrators, with sub-categories). With the high cost of electricity generated by solar PV, the market is dependent on government support until prices come down to mainstream electricity generation costs.

The report outlines the measures adopted to support the industry. Price analysis is included, with details of historical development for the last ten years where available, together with installed costs for grid-connected and non-grid applications.

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