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September 14, 2011 08:00 ET

Solarflare and Arista Networks Complete Ultra Low Latency Switch and Adapter Testing With OpenOnload

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 14, 2011) - Solarflare, the leader in application-intelligent 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) networking hardware and software, and Arista Networks, the leading vendor of ultra low-latency 10GbE and cloud networking solutions, today announced jointly the completion of low-latency switch and adapter testing. Technology partners since October 2009, the two companies collaborated to address the growing need for low-latency, high-performance 10GbE switch-to-server solutions for high frequency trading and other demanding applications, such as cloud networking and big data.

Conducted by Solarflare and Arista Networks in Solarflare's Cambridge, UK labs, the test results showed that single digit microsecond UDP and TCP application latency can be achieved with commercially available TCP/IP Ethernet products. Application performance of TCP/UDP messaging was measured using the Solarflare® SFN5122F 10GbE server adapter with OpenOnload® middleware and the Arista DCS-7124SX 10GbE switch. The testing used servers and processors available for clusters and data centers today. Running various scenarios, Solarflare and Arista Networks found:

  • In half round trip testing, the Arista DCS-7124SX switch demonstrated mean application latency as low as 520 nanoseconds with 64-byte packets typical of messaging applications.
  • With back-to-back servers, the Solarflare SFN5122F adapter achieved mean TCP latencies as low as 3.1 microseconds.
  • In TCP testing, server-to-switch-to-server mean latency was as low as 3.6 microseconds.
  • In UDP testing, with back-to-back servers, the Solarflare SFN5122F adapter achieved mean UDP latencies as low as 2.9 microseconds.
  • The server-to-switch-to-server mean UDP latency was as low as 3.4 microseconds.

The complete test report will be available for download within 30 days from the Solarflare website,

Solarflare's SFN5122F is the lowest-latency, lowest-power 10GbE server adapter on the market. When combined with OpenOnload, the Solarflare adapter can achieve ultra low TCP/UDP application latency and millions of messages per second. By improving the host CPU efficiency, OpenOnload enables applications to leverage more server resources, resulting in dramatically accelerated application performance without any need to rewrite applications or change the existing Ethernet and TCP/IP infrastructure.

The Arista 7124SX is the lowest latency L2/L3 Ethernet switch available today. It delivers 500 nanosecond latency, as demonstrated in these tests, and is purpose-built for financial services and other high performance applications. Arista's ability to lower latency increases CPU efficiency, ensures applications are waiting for data less often and allows the entire IT infrastructure to be more competitive.

"It is vitally important to Arista Networks to find the 10GbE server adapter vendor that matched the demanding performance requirements of high frequency trading, HPC and big data customers. This means not just low application latency, but also the ability to support and accelerate common layer 2 network protocols, such IGMP multicast and Arista's multi chassis link aggregation (MLAG) protocol," said Ed Chapman, vice president of business development at Arista Networks. "By using the Solarflare server adapter with OpenOnload and our DCS 7100 series switches, we have seen multiple customers design and deploy networks that support ultra low latency, high message rates and very low jitter."

"Low-latency 10GbE is becoming increasingly important to customers spanning different industries, as every microsecond counts for high performance applications," said Bruce Tolley, vice president of solutions marketing at Solarflare. "Arista switches not only deliver low latency, but also Layer � protocol features required by our customers, making Arista a perfect partner."

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