SOURCE: Solarflare

July 18, 2013 08:00 ET

Solarflare Simplifies Server Acceleration, Monitoring and Security With AppFlex Technology

New Flareon Network Server I/O Adapters Deliver SDN-Configurable Network Services to Remove Bottlenecks and Greatly Increase Datacenter Scalability for Cloud, Big Data, Grid, and Virtualization

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 18, 2013) - Solarflare, the leading provider of application-intelligent networking software and hardware, today announced that the company is currently sampling the industry's first application-flexible series of server adapters. With Solarflare's new Flareon™ server adapters -- employing advanced AppFlex™ technology -- customers now have the ability to decide where and when to deploy on-board applications on a server-by-server basis, as well as the ability to remotely "turn on" server functions as the organization's technology requirements evolve.

The new SFN7000 series of 10GbE PCIe 3.0 Flareon server adapters for enterprise and cloud networking include the SFN7022F and the enhanced SFN7122F adapter. These next-generation server adapters -- powered by new controller silicon -- enhance and extend Solarflare's existing high-performance and low-latency architecture and enable customers to selectively deploy a variety of on-board applications to individually configure servers within their network. This control over applications supports a software defined networking (SDN) environment by exposing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to the customer, allowing all network services to be remotely enabled.

Customers can choose between the SFN7022F and SFN7122F 10GbE PCIe 3.0 Flareon server adapters. Both adapters offer high-performance and low-latency at highly competitive price points, with the enhanced SFN7122F 10GbE PCIe 3.0 Flareon Ultra adapter offering incrementally faster clock rate, ultra-low latency, and extremely precise time protocols.

"In our experience, Solarflare has always been several steps ahead in terms of Ethernet innovation and performance. For instance, we're utilizing their ApplicationOnload Engine to power our newest generation of ticker plant appliances, doubling throughput capacity," says Mike Dunne, chief technology officer at Activ Financial. "With their newest generation of server I/O adapters, they are not only establishing new bandwidth and low-latency performance metrics, but also introducing the notion of selectively enabling applications on their adapters."

"Our new Flareon series of server adapters establishes new benchmarks in terms of performance, latency and precision. However, what's really exciting is giving our customers the flexibility to configure their servers to meet specific network requirements. No other Ethernet adapter on the market can have this kind of profound impact on server deployment strategies," said Russell Stern, CEO at Solarflare.

"With Flareon adapters installed, users can determine where and when to deploy specific server functionality within their network. For example, our customers can opt to deploy a security app in one area of their network, OpenOnload® application acceleration in another area and precise time protocols in yet another area, all with the same server adapter. This ability, made possible by our advanced AppFlex technology, represents a significant evolution of Solarflare's application-intelligent networking."

Solarflare is currently sampling the new 10GbE PCIe 3.0 Flareon server adapters to key customers in the financial services sector. These next-generation server adapters will be generally available in September 2013. Additionally, 40GbE PCIe 3.0 Flareon adapters are expected to be introduced later this year.

About Solarflare
Solarflare is the leading provider of application-intelligent networking I/O products that bridge the gap between applications and the network, delivering improved performance, increased scalability, and higher return on investment. The company's solutions are widely used in scale-out server environments such as high frequency trading, high performance computing, cloud, virtualization and big data. Solarflare's products are available from leading distributors and value-added resellers, as well as from HP, IBM and Dell. Solarflare is headquartered in Irvine, California and operates an extensive R&D facility in Cambridge, UK.