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September 17, 2008 08:00 ET

Solera Networks™ Offers OEM Version of Network Traffic Capture Technology

Solera Networks Capture Stack™ Provides Unlimited Context to Network Security and Compliance Toolsets Through Simplified Software Stack Optimized for OEMs

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - September 17, 2008) - Interop -- Solera Networks, a provider of innovative network forensics software and search appliances, today announced the Solera Networks Capture Stack, the company's core, award-winning capture technology, is now available to network security and monitoring tool OEMs for immediate use. In addition, the company announced that several OEMs are already integrating the technology. The Capture Stack allows anyone to integrate context and time into their existing network management and security products. As many early adopters have realized, all existing toolsets fail at anticipating the unknown event that poses a performance or security threat. When context is paired with these tools, they comprise a powerful and often, failsafe, solution for protecting corporate networks. With Solera Networks' software-based solution, this integration is now a reality for the enterprise. The combined solutions offer the most comprehensive network forensics solution on the marketplace today.

As the only software-based network forensics platform capable of working in both virtual and physical networks at unmatched speeds, Solera Networks is unique in its ability to offer an OEM version of its technology in software form. Only the Solera Networks Capture Stack provides unlimited portability and integration with other networking and security tools, such as firewalls, UTM, IDS/IPS, DLP, SIEM, switches, or log analyzers. The stack can be deployed as a dedicated appliance tuned for capturing at full line-rate on 10Gb networks, or on readily available server hardware, or as a virtual appliance.

"This is a logical step for Solera Networks and this market," said Steve Shillingford, CEO of Solera Networks. "We want to give every network a fail-proof memory that will help them quickly get to the root cause of a problem. What we don't talk enough about in our industry is protection from the unknown. We see this as a simple problem solved. Similar to the layered security approach we see in our physical world, having an 'always-on' monitoring tool that is invisible to detection, capable of storing event histories, making that history as easy to search as using Google™, and replaying any event of interest is just good practice. And since our technology is not restricted to hardware deployments, we are unique in our ability to make this available to the rest of the industry. Fortunately, we have seen several early adopters who get it."

End customers will gain the ability to access the actual, high-speed network traffic that occurred around the time of a network alarm, which gives greater context to the alert and allows for reduced mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) forensic analysis and identification of the real threat or vulnerability, not just symptoms of an event or correlated analysis. The amount of network traffic captured by the Capture Stack can scale to accommodate any capture and storage need. Companies that are implementing Solera Networks capture technology into their solutions, include:

Exact Solutions -- Incorporates lossless capture into iReplay™, the first full-scale SQL Workload Capture & Replay solution for all major databases. With iReplay, organizations can accurately test changes by re-creating their actual production workloads, effectively eliminating the gap between simulated tests and real-world conditions. (

Inspekt Security™ -- the cloud-based SIEM company -- includes Inspekt Network Replay, which automatically provides a PCAP file of network traffic before and after their InspektOne™ SEIM solution generates an event alert, adding context to alerts for comprehensive forensic analysis. (

LogIT -- Japanese-based provider of monitoring, IDS, and email forensics analysis solution now provides full context to any generated alert using deep packet capture, enabling in-depth interrogation and discovery. (

Additionally, Solera Networks and Cymphonix™ are working to extend forensic capabilities to the Cymphonix Network Composer™, as well to leverage Cymphonix's extensive deep packet scanning intelligence into Solera Networks' packet classification index. (

Solera Networks is working with OEMs in a variety of ways to integrate the solution, including full integration, bundling arrangements and the offering of the technology as a virtual appliance or an add-on. Interested OEMs should contact Solera Networks at 877-5SOLERA, 801 623-5705, or

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