November 13, 2007 07:30 ET

SolHuma: Quebec Entrepreneur Launches Innovative Survival Stove Using Ecological Fuel

Ensuring Survival in Extreme Conditions While Preserving the Environment

CANDIAC, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Nov. 13, 2007) - SolHuma, a socially responsible corporation with a mission to assist people in situations of individual survival, natural disasters or social upheaval, announces today its latest innovation: the Vital Stove™. This new environmental technology is the first compact, foldable survival stove available on the market that uses ecological fuel (solid biomass) such as wood, natural fibers, twigs, straw, cardboard, animal dung or combustible waste, to increase chances of survival in challenging situations, without harming the environment.

"I have created the Vital Stove™ to meet the emerging needs of humanitarian organizations and outdoor enthusiasts for a cooking stove that is light, compact, and designed specifically to ensure survival without using toxic fuels that produce hazardous waste or that release greenhouses gases", says Martin Rheault, founder and CEO of SolHuma. The Vital Stove™ was designed as a high efficiency energy source that allows people to cook food, purify water, stay warm and generate up to 760 degrees C of intense heat.

"A natural or human disaster in Canada or in the world would cause alarming living conditions for millions of people. As a socially responsible entrepreneur, my mission is to develop environmental solutions that bring relief to people and make a difference. If my product could relieve suffering and provide comfort or save lives - then my dream will come to realization", adds Martin Rheault.

In the aftermath of the earthquake in Peru last August, an international delegate of the Canadian Red Cross who tested the stove during field operations said: "Our teams from Peru, Equator, Costa Rica, Italy, Spain and Columbia were greatly impressed with the Vital Stove™, which allowed us to prepare coffee, our first warm beverage, after 4 full days in the field".

SolHuma's Vital Stove™ is now hitting the shelves of retail giant Canadian Tire, and the company is currently discussing the possibility to establish a partnership with the Association des scouts du Canada, a not-for-profit organization based in Montreal that regroups 24,000 members throughout Canada.

About SolHuma: Founded in 2006 and established in Candiac (Quebec), SolHuma develops environmentally-sound technological solutions specifically designed to address the needs of governments (civilian and military), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and individuals (families and outdoor enthusiasts) in extreme situations. The company reinvests a portion of its online sales into humanitarian causes. SolHuma's founder and CEO, Martin Rheault, is an industrial engineer who graduated from the Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres, where he also acted as a Research Associate for the Bombardier Sea-Doo/Ski-Doo Chair and, for the past four years, as a lecturer for the Master's Degree program in Industrial Engineering. The Vital Stove™ is now available in retail stores, including Canadian Tire, Sail, Baron Sports, J.O. Hubert, Sentier Boutique Plein Air, Latulippe Stores, and online at

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