Association des scouts du Canada

Association des scouts du Canada

December 05, 2007 07:00 ET

SolHuma's Partnership With the Scouts Could Reach Out to 28 Million Members

The Scouts Recommend SolHuma's Vital Stove as a Safe, Ecological Survival Stove for the Scouts

CANDIAC, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Dec. 5, 2007) - SolHuma, the Canadian firm who invented the Vital Stove™, announces that is has reached a strategic partnership with the Association des scouts du Canada (ASC), a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), a non-governmental international organization based in Geneva that is comprised of 28 million scouts. Established on common values shared by both partners, such as mutual collaboration, the respect of the environment and the command of survival techniques in the wilderness, this agreement grant the ASC the rights to act as an official distributor of the Vital Stove™. The ASC will supply the Vital Stove™ to scout movements throughout Canada and the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).

"We are delighted to announce this partnership with the ASC. It's a testimonial that together, a non-profit organization and a private corporation can do the most good by preserving the environment and ensuring safety in the wilderness, while enabling the funding of educational programs for the youth," says Martin Rheault, the inventor of the Vital Stove™ and CEO of SolHuma. "It is an honor to associate ourselves with a reputable organization such as the ASC," adds Rheault.

"We recommend the Vital Stove™ as a scout product as it meets the requirements for best practices in wilderness survival techniques and is environmentally friendly. The stove will allow the scouts to cook food, purify water, generate energy and stay warm, without using toxic fuels that produce hazardous waste or that release greenhouses gases," says Robert Nowlan, Secretary and Managing Director of the Association des scouts du Canada. "The stove meets the highest standards of heat performance, safety and durability," says Christian Richard, President of the organization's Technical Committee, a group comprised of 7 experts that has tested the stove in numerous weather conditions.

The Vital Stove™ is the only survival stove of its kind that uses ecological fuel (solid biomass) such as wood, natural fibers, twigs, straw, cardboard, animal dung or combustible waste, to increase chances of survival in challenging situations, without harming the environment.

About SolHuma: SolHuma develops environmentally-sound technological solutions specifically designed to address the needs of governments (civilian and military), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and individuals (families and outdoor enthusiasts) in extreme situations. The company reinvests a portion of its online sales in humanitarian causes. The Vital Stove™ is available to the scout movements through the ASC, and is also available to the general public at Canadian Tire, Sail, Baron Sports, J.O. Hubert, Sentier Boutique Plein Air, Latulippe Stores, and online at

About the Association des scouts du Canada (ASC): The Association des scouts du Canada is a not-for-profit francophone organization based in Montreal with a membership of more than 24,000 French speaking scout members throughout Canada. Member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), the Association is a non discriminating organization, regardless of sex, race, ethnicity or religion. More information is available at

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