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July 17, 2007 06:00 ET

Solid Data Unveils Terabyte Solid-State Disk Array to Accelerate Today's Data- and Transaction-Intensive Applications

StorageSPIRE™ Offers Immediate Increase in Performance, Stability and Energy Efficiency Without Infrastructure Redesign

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - July 17, 2007) - Solid Data Systems, Inc., the leading global provider of solid-state storage systems, introduced today StorageSPIRE™, a cost-effective line of managed solid-state disk (SSD) arrays providing up to a Terabyte of high-speed, non-volatile storage that dramatically increases response times and throughput for transaction-intensive applications. The StorageSPIRE SSD array is a direct replacement for high-end RAID arrays or an alternative to in-server memory systems, and can be direct-connected or used as a shared device when deployed on a storage area network (SAN).

StorageSPIRE SSD arrays provide a superior solution to traditional storage architectures consisting of RAID arrays or passels of servers loaded with memory by combining the data persistence of rotating disks with the transaction speed of main memory. In addition, StorageSPIRE SSD arrays use less than half the power of conventional disk or in-server memory architectures, making this an environmentally preferable "green" storage solution.

"Growing application performance requirements have driven IT departments to segment databases over multiple servers in order to maintain acceptable throughput to their end users," said Wade Tuma, CEO of Solid Data Systems, Inc. "However, this approach results in high cost and complexity, and under-utilization of server CPU capacity. StorageSPIRE was developed to reduce storage costs, decrease data center power consumption and simplify performance management."

StorageSPIRE utilizes Solid Data's patented SSD technology, capitalizing on Solid Data's 15 years of experience as the leader in solid-state disk solutions. With immediate response to read or write commands, SSDs eliminate large server queues; thus, dramatically improving server stability and response times during peak periods.

"Our benchmark tests showed a dramatic processing increase while total processing time was cut in half," said Greg Sewell, Computer Systems Analyst with Southern Company. "After configuration changes and the implementation of Solid Data's SSD, one of our tests was so fast we were able to increase the rows tested by 15X, yet complete the test process in nearly half the original time. The dramatic spikes in our benchmarks reached a more sine-wave appearance on charts, indicating the server was better able to manage its load and house-keeping processes."

Industry leaders in financial services and telecommunication service providers benefit greatly from StorageSPIRE, as it provides them with a solution that can efficiently process the data which is core to the operation of their business. With the mainstream adoption of applications for e-commerce and online transaction processing such as Internet banking, online insurance, text messaging, real-time billing and electronic trading, enterprises find StorageSPIRE provides cost-effective, terabyte-scale storage for fast access and data manipulation of large databases.

"Customers in transaction-intensive industries such as financial services and telecommunications are looking for a smarter solution and have found one with StorageSPIRE," said Mark Hayashida, Director of Systems Architecture at Solid Data Systems. "Our customers have been incorporating Solid Data SSDs easily and transparently into their existing infrastructure for mission-critical applications for years. StorageSPIRE evolved from our popular and proven model SD3000X2 line of SSDs and handily addresses today's pressure points while reducing power consumption and cooling costs."

About Solid Data StorageSPIRE

Solid Data StorageSPIRE is a managed array of SSDs providing up to a terabyte of Fibre Channel-connected, ultra low latency, non-volatile storage per enclosure. StorageSPIRE's advanced design provides persistent, non-volatile data retention and easy configuration with no special device drivers required. Designed with four Gigabit data paths and up to 12 Fibre Channel connections, StorageSPIRE supports direct-connect, arbitrated loop and switched fabric mode configurations with 500 Gigabytes to one Terabyte of high-performance data capacity per enclosure.

StorageSPIRE complements existing SANs and network-attached storage (NAS) by presenting a high volume of logical unit numbers (LUNs) to servers and serving data 10- to 50-times faster than mechanical disks, eliminating I/O bottlenecks. The StorageSPIRE solution deploys transparently in the data center to preserve current infrastructure, applications, file systems, and storage management software.

To ensure the integrity and security of business-critical data, StorageSPIRE incorporates multiple levels of data protection. Solid Data's patented Data Retention System -- consisting of on-board hard disks, battery backup and automatic backup control logic -- is a standard component of StorageSPIRE. In addition, StorageSPIRE is engineered with Solid Data's patented on-the-fly Error Detection and Correction system, which guarantees data integrity.

Also available on all Solid Data SSD product lines are:

--  Powerful Remote Management -- a Remote Monitoring and Reporting (RMR)
    management system that allows for richer information and connectivity
    management of the entire array via Web-connected user interface, and
    predictive email notification of required service.
--  PermaRACK™ -- an architecture unique to Solid Data SSDs in which
    all active components can be serviced without de-racking.  Backup disk
    drives, fans, power supplies and batteries are hot-swappable while online
    and operating.  PermaRACK provides a mean time to repair (MTTR) of less
    than five minutes regardless of the service.

Pricing, Availability and Support

Solid Data StorageSPIRE SSD array solutions are available now with volume pricing as low as $800 per Gigabyte. 24x7x4hr Service and Support is globally available from major platform and service providers, including Hewlett Packard, SGI, IBM and Anacomp. This allows seamless system-wide, single provider Service and Support. For more information, please visit or contact us at or +1 (408) 845-5797.

About Solid Data Systems, Inc.

Solid Data Systems, Inc., founded in 1993, is the leading global provider of solid-state storage systems that speed application performance and lower total cost of ownership. Solid Data has systems installed in over 30 countries. Solid Data is a Microsoft Certified Partner, and products are sold and serviced globally through a partnership with Hewlett Packard. Solid Data products are also available from Sun and IBM. Customers include the world's largest technology resellers, systems integrators, financial services, telecommunications providers and government agencies. For more information about the company and its products, visit

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