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April 04, 2011 08:01 ET

Solid Gold Studio: City Limits Debut Album By Twigg & Stone Re-Released in U.S. and Japan By Digi Crates Records

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 4, 2011) -

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  • "Windows..was on repeat all day everyday in its first week – Bring Her Home, and Dont Slip. All three tracks represent the quality, skill and time that the duo put into producing this EP entirely on their own." Carlyle William,
  • "mellow but persistently cool and laid back pulses. Cosmopolitan, sophisticated"Jack Coghill, Carleton University.
  • "These are not beats, they are pieces of music" Chester Hansen, Twigg & Stone.

TWIGG & STONE are thrilled to re-release their debut album CITY LIMITS to the United States and Japan in both digital and CD formats. This highly praised duo and their wealth of musical talent have earned TWIGG & STONE a reputation for quality production, sound, and creativity. TWIGG a diverse DJ and pianist, and STONE an accomplished jazz bass player and pianist, consistently infuse their music with rich layers of blues, jazz, funk and musical depth unsurpassed by none. Through collaboration with Digi Crates Records, based in New York City NY, TWIGG & STONE's highly praised album CITY LIMITS boasts a musical collection to stimulate the senses. The first of three future projects planned with Digi Crates, expect to see more of these talented musicians.

TWIGG & STONE came together in 2007 to challenge the boundaries of hip-hop production. TWIGG (Christopher Bull) and STONE (Chester Hansen) met while attending the music program at Canterbury High School, one of Canada's foremost performing and creative arts high schools and quickly began making music. What they discovered was their contrasting musical minds and varied talents produced a truly unique sound. The album CITY LIMITS speaks to anyone seeking to break their urban boundaries through a musical journey of thoughtful, melodic, hypnotizing beats. The hip-hop influence is clear, but these talented musicians incorporate jazz, electronic, ambient, among many others to create a breathtaking sonic mosaic. "These are not beats, they are pieces of music".

In an industry plagued with fabricated artists, boy bands and pop music, these boys boast legitimate talent and consistently push the boundaries of their musical capabilities with new instruments, sounds, and collaborations. Also look out for future projects by TWIGG & STONE including a Nujabes tribute album and production planned for artist Smoovth's (Digi Crates Records) upcoming album due to drop summer 2011. A team to look out for, this gifted duo is committed to their craft and will continue to produce quality music, sound innovation, and a new breed of cool. /

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