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April 19, 2011 14:07 ET

Solomons Veterinarian Serving St. Mary's and Lusby Areas for All Aspects of Pet Care

SOLOMONS, MD--(Marketwire - Apr 19, 2011) - Solomons Veterinary Medical Center provides animal care for pet owners in the St. Mary's, Lusby and surrounding areas. Clients can take advantage of the services listed on their website in addition to monthly specials for their pets, which may include dental care or spay and neuter procedures. Pet owners new to the animal hospital can click on the New Patient Center tab listed on the website to learn more about the hospital. This tab serves as an introduction and provides links to health history forms and an option to take a virtual tour prior to the first visit.

By browsing through the new website, informative material can be found for St. Mary's and Lusby pet owners who may have questions relating to the general care of their animals. Website articles can also answer commonly asked questions regarding pet symptoms and complications that may arise. The website features a list of common health problems pets may suffer from. On occasion, diagnosis or treatment solutions may be given over the phone by a Solomons staff member or through the information given online; therefore, saving a trip to the veterinarian. However, proper health maintenance and regularly scheduled check-ups for a pet are both necessary parts of a regimen to be followed for the best possible results for healthy animals. As a further convenience, appointments can easily be scheduled online.

The new website helps to serve as an instrument for people to increase their knowledge about their pets' well-being and keep up-to-date with any news regarding health issues and animal hospital developments. Veterinary services and emergency care are offered by the veterinary staff at this animal hospital in order for urgent matters to be addressed immediately for any serious injury or ailment their pet may be suffering from.

Solomons animal care providers have created an extension of treatment by keeping the website current with information they deem helpful to pet owners prior to or following a visit to the animal hospital. A library of various veterinarian articles is listed on the website for pet owners to navigate through when seeking more information regarding the best way to maintain their pets' health. "Our new website is a great place for our clients to request appointments online and keep up to date with the most current pet health news in the area. We also post special offers and events that we may be participating in," says Dr. Nancy Ball, DVM.

The multitude of resources that the website provides helps pet owners become more actively involved with the care of their pets. Necessary functions such as scheduling check-ups or solving typical problems to pet health issues can be easily accomplished online. Treatment services, pet care information and general animal news can also be found on the website to keep pet owners well-educated and fully aware of what is available to their pets in terms of continuous good health and happiness.

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