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January 06, 2015 08:30 ET

Solpro Turns Up the Heat in Solar Charging: Blazing Fast Helios Smart Gives Consumers New Option for On-the-Go and Off-The-Grid Power

Industry's Fastest Portable Solar Charging Device Debuts at CES: Opens Up Market for Mainstream Use With 90 Minute Smartphone Charge

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jan 6, 2015) - The hot category of solar charging devices just got hotter at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as Solpro today announced Helios Smart -- the industry's fastest portable solar charger, delivering a sleek, compact and environmentally-friendly option for mainstream consumers. 

Consumer interest for solar charging is strong and growing, but current options require anywhere from nine to twenty hours of sunlight to charge. Helios Smart drastically changes the game by charging more than four times faster than other solar chargers and providing enough energy to fully charge a standard smartphone in just 90 minutes of sunlight.

"We want to make solar charging the new way for consumers to power all of their devices on-the-go and off-the-grid," said Bill Pike, CEO of Solpro. "The idea of solar charging is compelling, but the reality for busy mobile consumers is that it is just not viable for everyday use. Helios Smart has changed all that, and is now the only charging device a person will need for all their on the go power. We have moved solar charging beyond the realm of specialty or limited use and brought it to the masses."

Small, Powerful and All-Purpose Use
Helios Smart allows for up to two devices to be charged at one time and works with most smartphones, tablets, and other USB enabled devices. Small enough to fit in a pocket, the portable Helios Smart makes it easy to charge on-the-go -- whether it is on a windowsill, on the table at an outdoor lunch, or on the dashboard of a car. With direct sunlight, Helios Smart can store up to 3X charge in five hours.1 When using indoors or at night, Helios Smart serves as an all-purpose charger by allowing the consumer to charge it from any standard USB power source.

Additional Key Features

  • Designed with a patent-pending tri-fold panel and ultra-high efficiency solar panels, as opposed to the traditional single panel
  • Offers a solar charge that is over three times faster than that of most competitive products
  • Sleek design easily folds out to offer maximum solar surface area for fast charging in a compact form factor
  • By combining the innovative solar panels with its patent-pending charging technology, Helios Smart hits the retail market as one of the most efficient chargers available

Smartest Charger Under the Sun
Helios Smart offers more than just size and speed; it is also the only smart charger in the solar category, utilizing an algorithm that allows for charging prioritization. This patent-pending technology enables Helios Smart to recognize and prioritize multiple devices and select the optimal way to charge the user's devices as quickly as possible.

Green with Envy
With consumers increasingly concerned about the environment and seeking out green products, Helios Smart offers an option that helps them reduce their personal energy use, while still providing effective and on-the-go charging power. A recent study found that smartphone charges in the U.S. use over 1 billion megawatts of power each day.

Helios Smart Product Specifications:
A high performance power bank, giving ultimate reliability by storing energy from both the built-in solar panel and the USB charge port, providing continuous power even when off-grid:

  • Compatibility: Smartphones, tablets, and music players
  • Battery Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
  • Dimensions (Closed): 130 x 78.5 x 20mm / 5.1" x 3.15" x 0.79"
  • Dimensions (Open): 130 x 260.5 x 16mm / 5.1" x 11.0" x 0.63"
  • Weight: 286g (0.63 lbs)
  • Battery: High Temperature Lithium-Polymer battery w/ safety circuitry
  • Power Capacity: 18.5Wh
  • Solar Panel: 4.86 Watt Patent-Pending Tri-Fold Solar Array
  • Rated Input: USB 5V 1.6A
  • Rated 1A USB Output: 5V, 1.0A
  • Rated 2.1A USB Output: 5V, 2.1A
  • Available colors include orange, black and white

Price and Availability:
Solpro's Helios Smart is available now for online purchase at for $159. More information on Helios Smart can be found at

About Solpro:
Solpro, based in Palo Alto, Calif., is emerging as a leading provider of solar charging solutions for portable electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, music players, handheld game consoles, or any personal electrical gadget that charges with a USB cable. Founded in 2014, as part of the Sunbird Group of companies, Solpro products harness the power of the sun to give customers freedom to do more and get more done. For more information visit:

1 Based on industry Standard Test Conditions (STC) for solar charging

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