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Solutrea Corp.

March 17, 2008 19:47 ET

Solutrea Corp. Business Update

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - March 17, 2008) - Solutrea Corp.("Solutrea") (TSX VENTURE:SLA) announced today that all divisions continue to perform despite the Cease Trade Order ("CTO"). The company is now focusing more on digital signage and building on recent successes in this area by its various divisions.

FatPort Corporation ("FatPort"), a Solutrea subsidiary, is pleased to announce the addition of iTech Group as a FatPort Powered Provider. FatPort will provide iTech Group with hotspot gateway hardware, back-end authentication software and billing services. "FatPort is a market leader as an operator for wireless service providers. iTech Group has various projects with great potential and synergies with FatPort's own services, and we are very excited to have the opportunity to work with iTech," said Bilal Kabalan, General Manager of FatPort. This new relationship builds on the continued success of the Manitoba Telephone Systems ("MTS") partnership where FatPort is the operator for MTS wireless services. The operator model allows Fatport to focus on its core, technical capabilities while reducing overhead costs. Fatport is expected to generate $600k in revenue during the coming fiscal year.

Solutrea AB (formerly Xpel Communications AB), a Solutrea subsidiary, has been unable to expand its WiFi network to other municipalities as originally intended due to the CTO and expected revenues for the fiscal year have been revised to $200k. However, last month Solutrea AB participated in a pilot project commissioned by the Stockholm public transit authority to deliver innovative, real-time transit applications to transit passengers and staff. Public transit passengers were offered an unprecedented number of connected transit applications while riding the bus, such as real-time travel information, breaking video news and free broadband WiFi internet connectivity. Meanwhile, transit officials were receiving real-time monitoring of the bus, from tire pressure and speed to live video surveillance from inside the bus. This landmark pilot was reported on by all major news outlets in Sweden and has created more business opportunities for Solutrea AB. Some of the other participants included Toshiba, Intel and XXX which also has created greater exposure for Solutrea as well.

Solutrea Inc., the US subsidiary of Solutrea, continues to work towards completion of Phase 1 of the AAFES satellite and digital signage contract. Progress on the AAFES contract has proceeded at a slower pace due to the CTO but it is expected that Phase 1 will be complete within one to two months, at which time work will begin on Phase 2 of the AAFES contract as previously announced. Depending on the rate of completion, Solutrea Inc. could realize over $1.5M of revenue from these two projects during the current fiscal year.

SkyBoard Corporation ("Skyboard") and its wholly-owned subsidiary continue to supply and operate digital signs across the country and will be announcing new contracts as they are ratified. Further information on these new contracts is not available at this time as negotiations are still on-going. It is expected that SkyBoard is on target to meet its projected revenues since its acquisition by Solutrea last year.

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