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July 08, 2015 08:00 ET

SomaLogic Announces Commercial Availability of Individual SOMAmer® Reagents for Life Science and Biopharma Researchers

Superior Affinity Reagents Combine the Best Properties of Antibodies and Aptamers for Multiple Research Applications Requiring Precise Protein Detection and Measurement

BOULDER CO--(Marketwired - July 08, 2015) - SomaLogic, Inc., announced today that it is making its proprietary SOMAmer®(Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamers) reagents commercially available as individual molecules to the life science and biopharma scientific communities for their specific protein-affinity research needs. The initial library available today includes 244 different SOMAmer reagents (and protein targets), and that number is expected to grow over the coming months.

SOMAmer reagents combine the wide target range and high specificity of antibodies with the durability and consistency of aptamers, thus overcoming the well-known limitations of both these traditional affinity reagents. This combination of attributes is a result of the unique "protein-like" modifications made to the DNA bases that comprise the SOMAmer reagent, and the amenability of those modifications to established DNA synthesis and detection techniques.

"We recognize that there is a significant need for robust and reliable protein-affinity reagents in the wider research community, as evidenced by recent commentaries on the problems of reproducibility, reliability and consistency of commercially available antibodies," said Paul Menter, VP and General Manager, Life Sciences. "We believe that researchers will find that our SOMAmer reagents are superior performers in virtually every protein detection and measurement application that currently uses antibodies or traditional aptamers."

To date, SOMAmer reagents have been used successfully by SomaLogic researchers and their collaborators in multiple protein-related laboratory methods, including:

  • Tissue histochemistry
  • Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS)
  • Affinity purification
  • Enrichment or depletion prior to mass spectrometry
  • Sandwich assays
  • Antagonism of protein activity

Detailed Application Notes describing each of these uses are available on the SomaLogic website.

The initial catalog being made commercially available today consists of 244 different SOMAmer reagents that carry a 5′ biotin label. SomaLogic will add new SOMAmer reagents against additional proteins, as well as reagents with different 5′ modifications, on a regular basis. However, researchers can also take advantage of SomaLogic's SOMAmer Discovery Service to have a superior protein-binding reagent tailor-made to their specific requirements.

SomaLogic is making its SOMAmer reagents available on a Research Use Only basis.

About SomaLogic
SomaLogic is transforming healthcare by applying our proprietary protein-measurement technology to the development of new diagnostic tests that deliver a higher quality of life by detecting diseases at their earliest stages and monitoring general wellness. Our ultimate goal is the "Wellness Chip," a single cost-effective and reliable blood test for multiple diseases and conditions that will enable healthcare providers to precisely monitor each individual's state of health and wellness in real time.

Our technology also has multiple potential applications in both life sciences and therapeutics, and it is now available to the entire biomedical scientific community for their own research needs.

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