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July 22, 2015 03:00 ET

Somnia Publishes Guide to Sleep Disorders

Sleep Specialist Offers a Resource for People Impacted by Common Symptoms

LONE TREE, CO--(Marketwired - July 22, 2015) - Somnia, a leader in providing sleep solutions to Coloradans, today announced it is publishing a resource for people impacted by sleep disorders. The e-book, Sleep Disorder Guide: Symptoms, Treatments & Solutions, is available for free download at:

Three-quarters of Colorado adults suffer at least one symptom of a sleep disorder several nights a week. These symptoms range from snoring to excessive daytime sleepiness to restless legs syndrome. Over time, such symptoms can erode overall health and lead to serious medical conditions. Somnia's new guide helps patients understand the symptoms, causes, and effects of their sleep disorders and details how the conditions can be treated. Features of the e-book include:

  • Descriptions of 10 common symptoms of sleep disorders
  • An analysis of what kind of medical professional is best suited to diagnose and treat various sleep disorders
  • Three reasons why a sleep care professional is often a smart choice for helping solve certain conditions

"Everyone deserves a good night's sleep," says Ann Fleming, Somnia's Sleep Care Coordinator. "The symptoms are difficult to ignore; they disrupt sleep and leave sufferers and their loved ones feeling tired during the day. Yet, the vast majority of sleep disorders go untreated because people don't know where to start. Our new e-book can be that starting point, explaining the common sleep disorder symptoms and guiding sufferers toward the help that can improve their lives."

This summer, Somnia is offering a free at-home sleep apnea test. For additional information about this special, the new e-book, or the other products and services Somnia provides, visit the company's website at

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Somnia was founded in September 2013 by Peter Fatianow, Mats Wahlstrom, and Kerry Hicks, all of KMG Capital Partners, LLC. The founders' shared mission is to shine a light on sleep issues in America and help individuals uncover their personal path to a good night's sleep and great next day. Somnia offers a carefully curated suite of sleep solutions all within its convenient retail location. Somnia's flagship store is located in Park Meadows Mall, just 15 miles south of downtown Denver. For more information about Somnia's services, visit

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