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Sony Europe

August 31, 2010 19:01 ET

Sony Europe and WWF to Crowdsource Eco Technology Applications With "Open Planet Ideas"

New Open Innovation Platform Goes Live

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Aug. 31, 2010) - Sony Europe

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  • Sony Europe launches Open Planet Ideas in conjunction with WWF.

  • Open Planet Ideas is an online platform which challenges members of the public to imagine how current Sony technologies could be repurposed to tackle environmental problems.

  • Projects may be collaborative, with online participants sharing inspiration.

  • Those who collaborate on the winning idea will have the opportunity to work with Sony engineers and WWF specialists to bring it to life.

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Sony Europe today launched Open Planet Ideas in conjunction with global conservation organisation WWF. Open Planet Ideas is an online community that aims to harness the ingenuity and open innovation out there to help tackle environmental challenges.

Open Planet Ideas challenges members of the public to imagine how today's technologies could be repurposed to address environmental issues like climate change, biodiversity and water conservation.

Projects may be collaborative, with online participants sharing inspiration and observations in photographs, videos and stories, building on each other's ideas, then evaluating and voting on which concepts should be developed further. Those who collaborate on the winning ideas will have the opportunity to work with Sony engineers and WWF specialists.

People can draw their inspiration from the environmental information hosted on the platform itself, which will give a snapshot of current environmental challenges based on the latest facts and figures assembled by WWF. They are then invited to propose ideas and concepts for how current Sony technologies and products could be used to tackle an environmental problem. These can be used either individually or in radical new combinations.

This 'mash-up' approach to re-using current technologies was first demonstrated by Sony last year in the innovative Forest Guard project. Working with Sony, a group of young people from California used Sony's IPELA security cameras, wireless networks and photo-stitching software to create an online community of citizen firewatchers, monitoring at-risk areas where forest fires are a major environmental threat.

Emily Nicoll at Sony Europe said: "Sony is committed to help create a more sustainable environment for current and future generations. This project will harness the ingenuity and creativity that exists across the globe to show the positive role technology can play in bringing about positive environmental change."

Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, Corporate Relations Director at WWF International, said: "WWF is always on the lookout for new ways of tackling the threats to our living planet; we are therefore delighted to be collaborating with Sony on this innovative community-driven initiative that could help address some of the world's important environmental challenges."

Open Planet Ideas remains open until January 2011, when the most viable concepts – as selected by the community and a panel of top Sony and WWF experts – will be taken forward to examine their technical and environmental viability. The top collaborators and winning idea conceptors will then work together with a team of Sony designers and engineers to develop the idea further in the 'realisation' stage of the programme.

The Open Planet Ideas was put into action by Sony working together with IDEO, a global design consultancy. Its aims are to use the power of the 'community' for environmental and social good.

Tom Hulme, design director at IDEO, said: "People in the online community are working together to address some of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. IDEO's platform gives them a meeting place – really, a workspace – to share inspiration, generate ideas, and work toward positive environmental change."

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