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March 08, 2011 14:00 ET

Soroptimist Group in Hood River, Oregon First to Impact Human Trafficking Supply Routes

HOOD RIVER, OR--(Marketwire - March 8, 2011) - Want to really make a stand against Human Trafficking? Hood River Soroptimist Group has done just that. The group and its members have now become the first large civic service group to support and participate in the "Stop Trafficking Supply" (S.T.S.) Program. The S.T.S. Program provides a way for high-risk human trafficking individuals and families who realize the benefit of preventative preparedness a way to be protected all under the same umbrella of Child Safety Incorporated's Family Protection Program.

Child Safety Incorporated's (C.S.I.) Family Protection Program is a unique, five component program supported by law enforcement and designed to protect and prepare all members of a family from scenarios they may not ever have thought possible -- scenarios ranging from a midnight trip to the E.R. all the way to an abduction/missing person event. The S.T.S. program utilizes all the components as well, but features the 6-Stage missing person recovery component as its main resource. More information can be found at

The effect on the trafficking industry as a whole with one group's involvement using this program will likely have a small impact. However this group knows that saving even one life of a community member is possible with this program, and passing on that opportunity is not what Soroptimist is about. What human trafficking advocates around the country are hoping is that as more groups sign on, then the amount of individual's protected multiply thus leaving the trafficker with less and less of a "supply" from which to exploit.. One stage alone "blasts" over 200,000 email addresses and text messages pictures of the missing person. With that much attention traffickers may not risk the chance of "using" such a high profile person and stay away.

Soroptimists work together to improve the lives of girls and women in our community and throughout the world. Our members are professional women -- employed full or part-time, retired or currently focusing on family. "Soroptimist" means "best for women" and that's what we strive to achieve.

Child Safety Incorporated was launched in July of 2010 in Tulsa, OK by former school principal Sean Spellecy. C.S.I. provides Family Protection Programs, Safe Site Certifications, and Staff Training. C.S.I. increases security and safety for children, entire families, schools, and churches while decreasing abduction, missing person, and human trafficking rates.

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