May 16, 2011 05:01 ET Spawns the Evolution of Pay Per Click (PPC) Internet Marketing

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - May 16, 2011) - Sosbuzz, the deals search engine, has filed patents on what it calls the "Pay-After-Confirmed-Sale" risk free advertising model, where Sosbuzz delivers sales to merchants, even off-line merchants like contractors and CPAs, and asks merchants to confirm sales they've received from Sosbuzz members. Only when a merchant confirms landing a sale from a Sosbuzz member, will they be charged a small advertising fee, which is based on their closing sale price. It's an honor-based system that is getting a lot of attention. Upon charging the merchant, Sosbuzz will then donate 25% of its proceeds to the cause selected by the Sosbuzz member that reported the purchase. Sosbuzz has amassed over 950,000 charities, schools, and religious organizations in its cause database. Some of the largest charities in the world, like CARE USA and Amnesty International have joined Sosbuzz.

"PPC creates artificial marketplace conditions," says Raffi Sosikian founder of Sosbuzz, who is a techie with an MBA. "In every industry, to the consumer's detriment, the big players can advertise and offer manufactured pricing that is artificially high, as exorbitant PPC fees keep small businesses from entering the marketplace. It's basic economics -- reduce supply, and you can charge more for demand. Sosbuzz's model is the great equalizer, as no one pays up-front. Every family-friendly business can participate risk free, and whichever business that offers the best deal and the best service, gets the client."

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Sosbuzz is a patent pending deals search engine for conscientious shoppers who want to save time and money as they shop for products and services. Sosbuzz members can find thousands of deals on Sosbuzz by either searching for them or via opt in email notifications. Sosbuzz is the first and only search engine to provide sellers the opportunity to advertise their products and off-line services for free, and pay only after they confirm receiving a sale. Sosbuzz's "Pay-After-Confirmed-Sale" model renders the PPC model used by search engines like Google, Yahoo! and others obsolete. Sosbuzz donates 25% of the proceeds it collects from its advertisers to the causes designated by Sosbuzz members when they report their purchases. Sosbuzz has over 950,000 causes listed in its database, and will gladly accept as a cause any charity, school or religious organization.

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