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September 24, 2013 12:01 ET

South Beach Smoke Beats Out Blu and Fin in a Blind Electronic Cigarette Taste Test

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - September 24, 2013) - South Beach Smoke, a leader in the electronic cigarette industry, proves to be the best tasting electronic cigarette in a blind taste test against the competition, Blu and Fin. The taste test covered likeability, specific taste test attributes and overall favorite electronic cigarette.

One of the most surprising findings: Despite Blu's predominant brand awareness, nearly 6 out of 10 think of Blu when asked about electronic cigarettes, it was the lesser known South Beach Smoke that was the overwhelming favorite. South Beach Smoke was preferred 50 percent over Blu and 80 percent over Fin amongst those who tasted all three.

The three electronic cigarettes, South Beach Smoke, Blu and Fin were blindly tested with their brand name covered during the taste test and were rotated for any possible position and brand bias. 32 percent of the smokers surveyed had previously tried electronic cigarettes, with 70 percent of them saying that Blu was the last brand of electronic cigarettes that they smoked.

When it came to ranking on a five-point likeability scale, 22 percent rated that they "very much liked" South Beach Smoke, compared to 19 percent for Blu and 17 percent for Fin. The participants were then questioned on a variety of taste test attributes important to smokers. For instance, the smoothness of the draw is a very important attribute to smokers and 76 percent thought that South Beach Smoke possessed that smooth quality, while Blu and Fin only had 65-66 percent of participants agree. Regarding the amount of vapor and the actual flavor of the electronic cigarette, it was again South Beach Smoke that outperformed the competition.

The flavor that participants were questioned on comes from the e-liquid, which is a flavored nicotine juice. This liquid is a big source of pride for South Beach Smoke, as they only use 100 percent USA made e-liquid, while most of their competition uses juice manufactured in China. According to the CEO, Nick Molina, "Our e-liquid flavorings are designed to be inhaled, meaning they are a step above food grade. All of our products contain lot number labels so that our products can be traced to their origins. We take flavor and quality assurance extremely seriously, and use these standards across all of our brands."

The conclusion of this survey was asking participants their favorite amongst the three electronic cigarettes tested and 45 percent of respondents said South Beach Smoke, 30 percent said Blu and Fin came in last with 25 percent.

The most positive survey result for the industry as a whole is that 83 percent agree that they would tell their friends that they are using electronic cigarettes and 80 percent had a positive experience smoking electronic cigarettes. The industry is growing exponentially, nearly half (46 percent) of all the smokers surveyed "agreed" or "totally agreed" that they would prefer electronic cigarettes over their normal cigarettes.

Commissioned by International Vapor Group, the electronic cigarette taste test took place in August 2013. The sample size included smokers over the age of 18. Imagen Marketing Agency and International Fieldworld Inc. (IFW) conducted interviews and had participants taste three electronic cigarettes: South Beach Smoke, Fin and Blu. The test was blind, each product was covered with a wrapping so the only thing rated was the actual smoking experience. In order to avoid position bias with the research, the three offerings were rotated.

South Beach Smoke is one of the most trusted and highest-rated electronic cigarette brands. It is the first e-cigarette to feature the award-winning technology of the SuperMax™ Battery. South Beach Smoke is the premier brand for countless satisfied e-smokers with high performance, stylish design and a variety of flavors and nicotine levels that contain 100% USA-made e-liquid. For more information, visit

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