SOURCE: AgTerra Technologies, Inc.

AgTerra Technologies, Inc.

October 19, 2016 14:10 ET

South Dakota Weed & Pest Departments Receive Record-Keeping Grants

SHERIDAN, WY--(Marketwired - October 19, 2016) - AgTerra Technologies, Inc. announces that the South Dakota Department of Agriculture has agreed to assist weed and pest departments in the state with the purchase of SprayLogger and MapItFast pesticide record-keeping products through USDA grant funds.

South Dakota counties may receive a non-contested grant of $5,000 for the purchase of spray upgrades and mapping software. This includes data loggers, flow sensors and tablets which are used with spray equipment to accurately record pesticide applications. In addition to the non-contested grant, counties may apply for a contested grant by submitting a written proposal specifying the noxious weed to be treated. The two grant options will give South Dakota counties the ability to purchase one or more AgTerra SprayLogger systems at little to no cost.

The grant was made possible by Dave Tatum, supervisor at Hyde County Weed and Pest. In his search for an automated application tracking system, he came across AgTerra's SprayLogger system. "The accountability [with SprayLogger] is unbelievable," Tatum explained, "I can show you exactly where I spray, how much I spray, what time I spray."

SprayLogger™ ( is an automated GPS-based pesticide application tracking system that automatically captures important information at the time of spraying and displays it in real-time on a map. Captured data includes GPS location, amount sprayed, weather and other critical application information required by the USDA and other agencies. Digital reports and maps are automatically generated in multiple formats compatible with programs such as Google Earth, ArcGIS and Microsoft Excel.

SprayLogger significantly reduces the time, effort, cost and expertise that is often associated with pesticide application record-keeping. The system helps applicators meet regulatory requirements by creating highly detailed maps and reports with less technology costs and training.

Alan Telck, president of AgTerra commented, "It's a heck of a deal for South Dakota's weed and pest departments. The USDA grant will give counties a unique opportunity to save thousands of dollars on AgTerra's industry-leading pesticide application mapping and reporting tools. This is great stuff because they can also combine the grant money with additional incentives to save even more."

For more information about how to qualify for both non-contested and contested grants through the USDA, contact the South Dakota Department of Agriculture at 605-773-5425.

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