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Harbor Village Detox

June 24, 2015 13:39 ET

South Florida's Community Holds Flakka March and Vigil for Victims of the Dangerous Drug, Encourages Miami-Dade Drug Rehab

Harbor Village Detox Comments on NBC Miami's Recent Article About Broward's Flakka Problem, and the Community Vigil Held for Those Who Died From Its Use

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Jun 24, 2015) - South Florida has a unique problem: flakka. In Broward County over 400 cases of flakka incidents have been reported with the homeless and teens at heightened risk of use, according to NBC Miami on June 18th. Flakka is a synthetic drug derived from the infamous bath salts. Flakka induced states of heightened delirium, according to Harbor Village Detox, endangering the lives of users by making them overly hostile and suffering from rapid heartrate. The Broward Community held a march against flakka June 17th to honor those who have lost their lives resulting from abuse of the addictive substance, according to NBC Miami.

The Broward County police force is deeming flakka the new cocaine, when its addictive rate and popularity is compared. Harbor Village Detox is a drug and alcohol treatment center in south Florida dedicated to helping people with untreated substance use disorders recover. The detox facility believes raising public awareness and creating prevention programs for flakka and other addictive substances are avenues which must be exhausted to combat the popularity of the substance.

NBC Miami quotes Paul Faulk, an addiction professional, "We started seeing [flakka] in December, and I tell you it went from one person to now almost 40 people a month coming in." The purpose of the march-vigil was to raise awareness about the danger of flakka and dissuade use. Promoting community cohesiveness is what Harbor Village Detox hopes to achieve when compiling its own means of public awareness campaigns. An associate comments,

"In wake of the recent flakka problem, we plan to dedicate some of our market resources to help raise awareness about the new synthetic substance by holding live Twitter chats and Facebook campaigns. Sometimes people can't come out to a full march, so we need to ensure to assault them from every avenue possible. Our own treatment facility has seen an increase in new admittances for the addictive drug, and some of their symptoms are akin to opiate addiction. Flakka is proving to be as mentally and physically detrimental as cocaine and heroin combined."

Harbor Village Detox provides Miami-Dade heroin detox along with specialized treatment for myriad abuse disorders. The center implements holistic healing and medically assisted drug treatment for total wellness. The treatment center accepts most major insurances.

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