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October 22, 2015 23:00 ET

Southco's Electronic Access Solutions (EAS) Maximises Security for Self-Service Devices

Selecting an Appropriate Electronic Access Solution Provides Reliable, Secure Access Control for Self-Service Applications

HONG KONG, CHINA--(Marketwired - Oct 22, 2015) - Southco Asia Ltd., a subsidiary of Southco Inc., a leading global provider of engineered access solutions such as Locks, Latches, Captive Fasteners, Electronic Access Solutions and Hinges/ Positioning Technology, widely introduces the company's EAS solutions for Self Service market in Asia Pacific.

With today's consumers on the go 24-7, Self-Service enclosures including vending, ATM machines, ticketing terminals, parcel lockers are all accessible in high-traffic areas. Self-service providers have identified a need for more enhanced physical security solutions that can be controlled and monitored remotely in order to increase security and reduce asset loss.

To this end, self-service providers can add electronic locks and latches into their enclosures that integrate with their existing remote machine monitoring (RMM) system, which is already networked with an IT system allowing kiosk owners to monitor multiple machines under one network. Under such circumstances, not only the electronic lock enables remote monitoring capabilities, but creates an electronic signature that can provide user authentication, audit trail and reporting capabilities, which simplifies security administration and eliminating opportunities for theft.

Southco's R4-EM Electronic Rotary Latch for example, provides an indisputable audit trail of access for all enclosure door and panels. It also contains sensors and multiple output signals that provide data for both local and remote monitoring, making it ideal for ATMs and vending machines with high-value inventory such as tablets and smart phones, which are appealing to criminals. This compact locking mechanism is mounted inside the equipment, eliminating pry points and allowing a clean exterior appearance that protects it from vandalism.

As the demand for automated consumer services and retail vending continues to escalate, integrating a quality electronic locking solution into self-service enclosures can maximize security, enhance functionality, and aesthetic appeal with a clean exterior design.

Electronic locks provide secure, concealed latching that can be easily integrated into an existing networked security system for remote monitoring.

In addition to traditional ATM, retail vending and self-checkout systems, designers are developing new uses for enclosures and kiosks that take the concept of Self Service to the next level, e.g. parcel locker & bicycle rental kiosks.

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