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Southern California Schools Risk Management

July 22, 2014 10:30 ET

Southern California Schools Risk Management Sponsors "Transgender Students: Rights and Legal Compliance" Conference

SAN BERNARDINO, CA--(Marketwired - July 22, 2014) - Many potentially complicated if not volatile issues are faced by public school administrators and teachers on a regular basis. The ever-growing list ranges from Sexual Harassment to Transgender Discrimination to Bullying to Gay Rights and more. Today's educators must be informed and prepared to deal with many more challenges and legal situations than ever before. With that in mind, as part of Southern California Schools Risk Management's (SCSRM) series of conferences focusing on school policy awareness and potential student, personnel and legal issues, SCSRM in conjunction with The Learning Institute recently held a workshop at the SCS Conference Center in San Bernardino. The seminar was focused on the recent California Legislation passage of AB1266, regarding Transgender Discrimination and Harassment. The session examined the background and specific language of the bill and provided recommendations and discussions of best practices and procedures to meet legal requirements of the school districts and their staff. 

This most recent seminar is part of an ongoing line-up of workshops and conferences directed at school district administrators, teachers and staff. The well attended morning session began with the legal component featuring Todd Robbins, Senior Associate at Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud, and Romo Law Firm) who spoke about how state law has changed since the passing of AB1266. Robbins explained legal and compliance issues along with the pitfalls one would endure if a lawsuit were to happen and possible strategies to avoid legal action. The session was particularly valuable in that Mr. Robbins cited specific issues and cases that he had experienced personally. One particular topic that many in attendance could identify with was the delicate issue of transgender students involved in competitive sports including locker room and privacy considerations, plus scholarship ramifications. Considering the volatile nature of the subject at hand, those case studies in turn prompted a very lively Q and A session.

Part two of the conference took a completely different, more personal tack by introducing Marsha Aizumi, transgender advocate and author of "A Safe Place for Aiden", as she spoke of her emotional experiences raising a transgender child. Her heart-warming story touched on the dramatic and difficult situations her son Aiden and the family endured during his adolescence and not knowing where he fit in at school and in everyday life. Some in the room were even brought to tears as Mrs. Aizumi recollected many of the extreme life changing moments during her son's adolescence.

Bill Clayton, Director of Risk Management at SCSRM talked about the value of these seminars. "At Southern California Schools Risk Management, we strive to bring to our members the very best in education based topics and student issues facing our schools every day. Because of the important nature of these topics, many of the conferences are offered at no cost to SCSRM members and are often open to non-members of our Joint Powers Authority (JPA) as well."

SCSRM has hosted many seminars on risk management, insurance, legal challenges, plus employee and workplace issues to name a few. Most of these interactive workshops are intended for school district risk managers, district and site administrators, human resource managers, Principals and cabinet members. These sessions are intended to educate the school districts, promote an understanding of compliance and make sure they have the tools and most up to date information regarding policies and procedures. Recent seminars have included school security training, sexual harassment and misconduct in schools, resolving conflicts in the workplace and understanding teen dating violence prevention. For more information on SCSRM's future events, we invite you to contact Jazmine Martinez at

About SCSRM: Southern California Schools Risk Management-JPA is one of the state's oldest joint powers authorities where public schools share and manage their risk exposures. The not-for-profit organization provides insurance programs and risk management services for school districts and community college districts. SCS Risk Management combines the use of self-insurance and commercial insurance to cover exposures to school districts. SCSRM selects traditional insurance options when it makes the most financial sense and can offer its members the best cost while insulating members from the cyclical effects of the traditional insurance marketplace. For more information call: (909) 763-4900, or visit,  or

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