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February 08, 2007 16:50 ET

Southridge Enterprises, Inc. -- Lessons From Brazil

DALLAS, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 8, 2007 -- Southridge Enterprises, Inc. (OTCBB: SORD) (the "Company") comments on the Brazilian experience.

Instability in international oil prices, political instability in producing regions and the environmental impact of fossil fuels have combined to evoke a growing interest in alternative energy sources. In this context, the Brazilian experience with ethanol fuel has been a noteworthy success story over the past 30 years. This is a story that should be emulated by America.

In the United States, we need to do more and move more quickly to promote the immediate expansion and usage of alternative fuels like ethanol. Change is seldom without cost, and adjustment to the new economic realities is a process that will not be completed without some hardship. In this context, we have to become a nation of leaders rather than clinging in vain to a self-defeating reliance on fuels that continue to harm our environment and our national self-reliance, not to mention the world that we will leave to our children. Long-term economic gain will surely follow short-term inconvenience.

Brazil now adds at least 20% ethanol to all gasoline sold in that country. In addition, E100 (i.e., pure ethanol) is sold at more than 30,000 service stations in Brazil. Annual production is in the range of four billion gallons, of which around 690 million gallons are exported. Ethanol accounts for about 40% of the fuel consumed by passenger vehicles. The introduction of "flex-fuel" cars in 2003 was an extraordinary success: Today roughly 80% of all new cars sold in Brazil can be fueled with any mixture of ethanol and gasoline, or simply pure ethanol.

Moreover, Brazil has recently achieved oil self-sufficiency and ethanol has played a decisive role. Since the 1970s, ethanol has replaced about 800 million barrels of oil, the equivalent of almost two years of current Brazilian oil production.

Naturally, ethanol is not the only solution to oil supply problems. But, surely, it can become a key part of the solution. A substantial increase in ethanol consumption may even extend the timeframe of the world's oil supplies, postponing the date when the reserves run out. Although President Bush has actively promoted expansion of U.S. ethanol production and consumption, the message to consumers and investors is still not fully sinking in.

The U.S. has a lot to gain if it can work with other nations to promote a global market for ethanol. In poor countries, production of ethanol and biodiesel can have an extremely positive impact. It assists in dealing with the energy deficit, influencing internal consumption and exports. It can also generate a vast number of jobs, redistributing the population more harmoniously between urban and rural areas. This economic self-reliance will bring about an immediate reduction in foreign aid and other forms of active U.S. intervention in the affairs of sovereign nations.

Although Brazil is often seen as a model in the ethanol sector, it should not be allowed to achieve a dominant global position, otherwise it will be difficult to create a global market where ethanol is traded as any other commodity. Of course, domestic U.S. producers of ethanol wish to see the day when the secondary tariff on U.S. ethanol imports (now 54 cents per gallon) is eliminated, as that would foster the goal of globalization of the ethanol market and enhance bilateral trade, a key component of the Company's business plan. Nevertheless, the goal of a superior ethanol production capacity stands on its own merits and should be pursued regardless of any such bilateral trade considerations. As the world's ethanol consumption increases, the primary challenge will not be to compete for markets, but rather to expand ethanol production quickly enough to meet surging demand. Everyone has a lot to gain.

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