SOURCE: Southwestern Medical

March 15, 2005 16:05 ET

Southwestern Medical to Incorporate Early Menopause Detection in Its Labguard™ Product Line-Up

TAMPA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 15, 2005 -- Southwestern Medical Solutions, Inc. (OTC: SWNM) is pleased to announce that it has plans to introduce a non-invasive, one-step early menopause detection device in its Labguard™ on-site and at-home Collection & Diagnostic Testing product lineup.

Early Detection Of The First Signs Of Menopause Is The Initial Step To Improved Quality Of Life For Millions Of American Women.

It is a well known medical fact that diseases such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease are both seen in greater measurable numbers in women that are menopausal. A little known fact is that most women are unaware of these health risks, and in addition are not aware of precautionary steps to improve the quality of life. According to Dr. Laura Corio, Ob/Gyn at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and best-selling author of The Change Before The Change, "Early confirmation of menopause is important as it provides women with a sense of control and allows them to be proactive about countering the effects of menopause. By diagnosing the onset of menopause early, treatment can be sought for the relief of stressful symptoms. An early and accurate diagnosis can improve long-term health and offer peace of mind that symptoms, such as mood changes and feelings of anxiety, are associated with menopause and not some other potential illness."

Southwestern Medical Has The Solution

The Labguard™ system uses a non-invasive approach and works by measuring the levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) in the urine. This hormone FSH can fluctuate as women enter menopause, FSH levels gradually rise and stay permanently higher once menopause has set in. Labguard™ systems are the first one-step self contained system with simple-to-follow instructions, and when used as directed will have a 99% accuracy.

Poised For Launch into Enormous Healthcare Markets

Currently undergoing clinical testing, the Company's proprietary Labguard™ on-site Collection & Diagnostic Testing technology represents a revolutionary approach that ensures greater safety and convenience for diagnostic testing administrators at an attractive, market-competitive price. Southwestern Medical is also involved in prototype design and testing of several versions of the promising Protect-A-Pal™ needle safety device, to which it now owns the world marketing rights.

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